I have been living and working in Mallorca for five and a half months now. I pride myself on visiting countries and eating their food, drinking their drinks, emmersing myself in their culture and truly experiencing the location. In five and a half months, I have only had tapas once, eaten only one ensaimada and honestly, not had paella a single time. The only Spanish tradition I have really taken part in is drinking an ungodly amount of sangria. Despite my epic fail on the Mallorcan and Spanish food front, I have had some truly beautiful food whilst here in Mallorca and wanted to share my top five places to eat in Mallorca.


Lemongrass is a Thai restaurant located on the harbour of Cala Bona. With breathtaking views of the sea, the cliffs and the boats it is a perfect place to enjoy a meal. All the food served is fresh and cooked from scratch upon ordering. I went with my friend and although we love food, we don’t have very big appetites. Every time we go for a meal, we order a ton of food and touch only a small section of it. Classic case of eyes bigger than our belly. We decided to limit our order on this occassion and be sensible. We ordered one starter to share and two mains to share so we could try a bit of everything. The prawn and chicken spring rolls for the starter were a bit unusual due to the fact they had mint in them which is not something I am familiar with when eating chicken and prawn. After the initial weirdness, they are really enjoyable, especially dipped in soy sauce. The crispy honey duck with ginger sauce was exactly what it should be, crispy and delicious. I am a huge duck fan so can be very picky but this was right up there on the enjoyment scale. I’m not into ginger so we had that on the side and I didn’t touch it but I’ve been told it was delicious. Finally, we had the chicken noodles. If you love chicken and you love noodles then you’ll love this. Simple as. Beautiful food at a cute restaurant with amazing staff.


Probably my favourite place to eat on the entire island. The best chips I have ever had in my life. I don’t even know how to explain it but the seasoning is incredible. There is a larger menu including pastas, steaks and salads but I have only ever stuck to the burger menu and they are incredible. If you are into spicy food the Jacques Lafitte burger is spot on. If you are not so into spicy, I’d recommend something simple like the Sir Henry Morgan. The cocktails are also great. A firm fave of mine is a long island iced tea and their’s is very strong. Disaronno Sourz is amazing. I’m not a fan of Disaronno but I adore this cocktail. Amazing food, top notch drinks, live music and located right on the beach front of Magaluf for a gorgeous view.


So much more than your typical pub grub. The food here is delicious and comforting. I have had nearly every on the menu during my time here and do not have a bad report about any of the dishes. The owners and staff are incredible, amazing people who make you feel at home and treat you like royalty. You will not get better service or a better atmosphere anywhere but Kenna’s.

BODEGA d’ES PORT Port De Alcudia

Another amazing location on the port of Alcudia, Bodega’s has the best tapas I have ever tasted. So mouthwatering beautiful it should be a crime. A lot of the dishes do have quite a hefty price tag so it’s not a place you can frequently visit but so worth the money. Bread and alioli, always a winner. The meatballs are so juicy and the garlic prawns are so delicious that I could not stop eating them. A large group of us went and we had tapas to share followed by a main which I got the steak for. The steak was nice but to be honest, I’d just go for the tapas next time. It was gorgeous and as much as I love steak, it was a bit of a let down after the incredibly tasty tapas.


One of my favourite meals of all time is spaghetti carbonara. My dad makes a gorgeous one and I often debate when ordering in restaurants as I don’t want to be disappointed. The spaghetti carbonara at Panetosto was the best I have ever had, I did not stop talking about it for a week. So creamy and tasty, it’s heaven on your tongue. I also had half a pizza was delicious too but that spaghetti carbonara… I daydream about it all the time. You can not get a better location than this restaurant either, especially on an evening it is the perfect romantic setting. Right on the edge of the cliff in Cala Bona over looking the sea, decorated in fairy lights and pretty candles with a variety of seating options from benches to sofas to comfy chairs. It is perfect.

And I’m sure from this post you now all understand how much I like food and well located restaurants!!

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