Beaches of Mallorca

Before moving to Mallorca, I always thought it was a cheap holiday. I thought it was a place that had great heat to get a tan but was nothing special. Although I’m not one to judge as I’m not what you would consider well-travelled and I do apologise for my previous view of the island but I was under the misconception that it was where you booked on a budget and was basically Butlin’s in Spain. Now whilst the hotel I have worked in this summer could possibly be considered that and has actually been described as that by several guests, the island of Mallorca itself is gorgeous and full of beauty and wonder.

The island is full of breathtaking views but my favourite will always be the beaches. I’m a mermaid at heart having always loved water and enjoy watching the ocean. Here are just a few of the beaches of Mallorca that have my heart.

Cala Torta


A hidden beach on the East coast, very few people apart from locals know about this beach. Due to it’s location, this small beach is quiet and relaxing. There is a cute little bar to have a drink and the locals often bring down a volleyball net which you are welcome to use. It can be a little mission to get there has you have to travel the winding round in and around the mountains but the chilled atmosphere is worth the journey.

Sa Coma and Cala Millor


These two resorts are right next to each other and both beaches are very similar. Sa Coma is a slightly smaller resort in general and therefore has a smaller beach. A u-shaped beach with a beautiful view, it is not anything special, just a typical beach but it has been my beach for the summer and therefore has my heart. If you walk along the cliffs to the left of the beach, you will see some outstanding views of both resorts, find some gorgeous little coves for a quiet swim or sunbathe and maybe even bump into some horses. Crossing the cliff to Cala Millor, this beach and resort is three times the size. Situated between two cliffs, it is perfect for a few photos. Both beaches are heavily populated by tourists and therefore extremely busy in high season. They are beautiful places whether you wanna chill out on a sunbed, try out some water sports or even get a massage by a creepy dude.



The longest beach on the island with the whitest sand, Alcudia beach is perfectly located between the tourist area of Alcudia and the Port of Alcudia. Although, Alcudia is also a popular tourist resort, the beach is so long that you can always find your own space. It is also the most exciting beach on the island with a long list of watersports and also, a giant inflatable in the middle of the sea that you can play on. Check out for more info.

Cala Morlanda


On the East coast near S’Illot, Cala Morlanda is a cove with rocky stairs to reach the crystal, clear waters of the sea. Not overly popular due to it’s location in a housing estate, Cala Morlanda is a place you will probably only discover if you pass through it on the coach from the airport to the East coast. From the edge of the cliff which the road passes through, the view in spectacular and coach drivers will always stop to allow you to take a few photos.



Formentor is the most Northern point of the island and has the clearest water I have ever seen. A quite little village surrounded by the bustling town and port of Pollenca, it is a beautiful to relax as the peace and quiet is blissful. The headland has a view lookout points to knock your socks off with views and it is also a great place to catch the sunset. It is a frequent stop for sailors so you will probably see a boat or two. There is not much there but the beach, a jetty and a little cafe to grab a drink. It is peaceful and tranquil.

Sa Calobra


The West coast of Mallorca is often described as the best coast as it the place to see the untouched beauty of Mallorca since it is the area most untouched by tourism. After travelling through the Tramuntana mountain range which itself has some spectacular views, you will twist down three incredible hairpin bends around Puig Major until you find yourself in Sa Calobra. Another quiet little village with a beautiful walk, you will enter a lit tunnel before reaching the incredible gorge, Torrent de Pareis. In my opinion this is the most breathtakingly beautiful place on the island. The dramatic gorge is a wonder in itself but it opens up onto a little pebble-stoned beach which is perfect for a quiet swim, a picnic or just soaking up the view. It is largely populated by cyclists at the start and end of season due to the journey of getting there and also, a popular stop for island tours.

Mallorca is full of impressive coast lines, beautiful beaches and incredible scenery so go out and find them, you won’t regret it!

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