We have been on the road for a few years already and we have learned a thing or two about how valuable good travel resources are.

When we’re spending long periods of time in foreign places, it’s extremely important for us to have the equipment we’re familiar with. In order to help make your travel planning a little easier we put together this page of our favorite travel resources.

A photo is worth 1000 words

Fujifilm X100F

After using the Fuji X100F while traveling through various European cities, I come to the conclusion that I couldn’t ask for a better camera.

The weight is less than 500 gram and includes the body and the lens as well. One of the strong points of this camera is the fixed lens; this keeps the camera compact

LaCie 1TB Hard Disk

Over the course of a few years of travel, we have taken a lot of photos, that’s why we got ourselves a LaCie 1TB Hard Disk. This way we can store all our photo’s until we get back home.

We shoot most of our photos for our blog and Instagram in RAW which means the file size for each individual photo is over 30MB. This means we need a lot of storage, that’s why we decided to go for the 1TB option.

Fujifilm x100F Battery

I got myself a few back-up battery’s, just to be sure.

You always want to have a backup when you forget to charge your initial battery .. #TravelTip

Keep your phone alive if needed

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

I picked up the new iPhone 11 Pro a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve taken it “for a spin” during my last trip to Paris.

I’m absolutely in love with the camera on this phone, and am in disbelief at how good it is!

I actually think it no longer makes sense for starting travel bloggers or relugar tourists to bring an additional point-and-shoot camera, since the quality of this camera is really, really good.

Beats Solo3

Any regular traveler will understand the endless search for the perfect headphones.

I bought my Beats Solo3 together with my macbook, and I’ve got to say: The ease of use, comfort, and smart inclusions like fast charging and a headphone jack put them a cut above the rest for me.

Bonus: Switching between apple devices is pretty easy too – we found the swap between our iPhone and Macbook super simple.

Trust Powerbank

With more and more travel gadgets requiring charging, I turned to portable battery packs to help fill the power gap when traveling.

Honestly, I just bought a random powerbank which seems to cover my needs …

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Worldwide Travel Adapter

In a traveler’s perfect world, every country would run on the same type of electricity and use outlets that fit the same kinds of plugs.

Unfortunately for us globetrotters, this isn’t the case, and when we travel overseas we’re faced with the oftentimes head-scratching task of choosing the right adapter (or should it be a converter?) for our electronics.

Apple Power Adapter

Goes without words : -)

I can’t count how many times I’ve forgotten my cables and adapters while traveling! My Macbook power adapter is always the first thing that goes inside my bag ..

Apple MacBook Air

I admit; I’m a apple fanboy – I’ve been working with their systems for over 10 years, and honestly: I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My favorite part is the fact that all my devices are connected; it’s super easy to transfer an edited photo via my Macbook to my phone!

Active wear all day long

Face Mask

With the COVID-19 situation, we’ve been preparing ourselved and bought a few Face Masks.

We’re assuming this will become mandatory for a lot of tourist attractions as well …