They say rules are made to be broken and boundaries are designed to be crossed but if that’s true, then why do they exist? Because without rules and boundaries, things will end in chaos. This also applies to the mind. If you don’t have rules or boundaries in your life, you will be filled with stress and your mind will be chaos.

Having boundaries in your day to day life will mean everyone and everything will know it’s place. Situations run more smoothly and things become more synchronised if stress is removed as we all know how hectic it can be when your stress levels are through the roof. Try implementing some of these into your life for a more mindful existence.

Leave work at the office

Working hours and out of office exist for a reason yet we’re a world full of workaholics. We’re all guilty of checking emails at home but they can all wait. You need a steady work/life balance to be fulfilled in life so keep the two separate. It’s important to disconnect the moment your working day ends whether that be leaving the office or reaching the time you said you’d finish if you work from home. Go home, switch off from work and enjoy your life. No one wishes they had worked more when they’re on their death bed.

No phones in bed

Scrolling aimlessly through your phone before bed does nothing for your mind. It keeps you alert and your brain active making it difficult to switch off and it’s a struggle to drift off when your head hits the pillow. Not only do phones hinder sleep but they are an intimacy killer. Why do you want to lay in bed with your back to your partner checking Instagram instead of talking, cuddling or doing anything else you want to do in bed? They make memes about that stuff.

Focus on the task in hand

Multi-tasking may seem more productive but you lose the enjoyment of the little things in life. A big part of mindfulness is being present in the moment. Not worrying about the past. Not stressing about the future. Not trying to do a mllion things at once but focusing on the task in hand. If you’re reading, read. If you’re watching a movie, actually watch the movie. If you’re going for a walk, just walk. Pour all of your attention into the current activity and enjoy the moment.

Don’t be at everyones beck and call

This generation is used to instant responses with the rise of social media but if you’re constantly glued to your phone waiting to reply, you miss out on life. People don’t need a snappy response even if you and they think they do. In the day of snail mail and phone calls, it was never an issue that you had to wait a week for a response to your letter or wait for someone to be home to answer the phone, that’s just how it worked. Give yourself a bit of distance from everyone to enjoy life. Don’t be a slave to other people, you do you and check your phone later. It can all wait.

No social media at dinner

I’m sorry but it’s just plain rude. Whether you are on a date night or out with friends there is absolutely no need to be on social media. If you’re gonna be on it all night, you may aswell have just messaged the person you are out with instead of meeting up with them. We go out into the world to socialise and have personal contact with people not to Snapchat and Tweet. It’s just disrespectful. Put your phone away and enjoy the company, your relationships will benefit from it.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


  1. Abbey Louisa Rose (@abbeylouisarose) says:

    I am honestly so terrible that pretty much everything on this list! I really need to stick to the no phones in bed rule, it’s definitely not healthy and it really does impact upon my sleep! However, I am actually quite good that no phones at the dinner table, it is something that is very strictly enforced by my parents in my family home and I think it’s a really positive thing!

    Abbey x

    Liked by 1 person

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