Iceland has been top of our bucket list ever since we got together. We’ve talked and dreamed about it since the beginning and although we couldn’t afford it last Winter, I made sure we could go this Winter.

What started out as a bargain did end up pretty expensive when we had to change both flights and hotel but no matter, we still got to spend the end of November and beginning of December in beautiful snowy Iceland.

We flew with easyjet from Manchester to Keflavik and were happy to see snow upon landing. It’s been so long since I’ve seen snow and even the few times it has snowed in the UK over the past few years, I’ve missed it! Our transfer to the hotel was with Gray Line which was the cheapest I found online and also, super organised. We got a coach into Reykjavik where we all changed to minibuses to get to hotels. Whilst it may sound like a hassle having to change, I thought this was a great idea as being a rep, I know full well how annoying it is to have to drive round different hotels for hours on end dropping people off.

During our journey, we saw three beautiful Christmas trees in the distance and were happy to find out that they were in the grounds of our hotel. We stayed at Icelandair Reykjavik Natura and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect place. For a 3* it was fantastic. The hotel was beautiful and at the time, festively decorated which was gorgeous. The room had everything you needed including… a rainfall shower! Plus, the bed was super comfy which is the main thing in the hotel.

The hotel was also great because pick ups and drops offs for transfers and excursions were directly outside the hotel. Reykjavik City Centre has a ban on tourist vehicles which means for a lot of hotels, pick up/drop off is from a communal bus stop a walk away from the hotel. There was also a bus stop directly in front of the hotel and it took less than 10 minutes to get into the city centre, plus reception provided us with free bus passes!

For excursions, we took a Golden Circle tour on our first day and visited the Blue Lagoon on our second day (blog posts to come!). We were also meant to be attending a Northern Lights tour but it was cancelled due to cloud cover and low visibility. Oh well, better luck next time! On our final day, we hopped on the bus and had a wander around Reykjavik city centre which is beautiful but the bad weather meant we didn’t stay for long.

It’s common knowledge that Iceland is expensive but honestly, it is ridiculous. It cost approx £20 for two sandwiches and a bottle of water whilst two buffets with no drinks at the hotel cost £70!! We did have a lovely meal whilst in the city at Reykjavik Fish which was a more reasonably priced and delicious.

The other thing about Iceland is that in Winter, daylight was limited. It didn’t get light until about 11am so we slept in late which resulted in us going to bed late and ended up coming home feeling jetlagged from a destination in the same time zone!!

We had the most amazing time in Iceland and I can’t wait to write more about the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon. In the time we spent there, the country lived up to expectations and more, we will definitely return at some point… I’d like to visit in Summer now! It’s an expensive trip but totally worth it!!

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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