How does time fly so quickly? I’ve officially completed my third season working abroad. Every season is a rollercoaster and such an interesting ride and at the end of every season, I feel like a different person to who I was at the start of the season. This job and lifestyle is incredible for personal growth and each season has given me so much.

I got to add another country to my list and spent an amazing 7 months exploring the amazing island of Cyprus. I had new experiences including jetskiing, parasailing and segways. I had incredible days off exploring. I really developed a love for the place and considered it my home.

I became a more confident driver. Instead of sharing a car like last Summer, I was the sole owner. I didn’t have an option but to drive it every day and with that, I developed confidence with it. I learnt to have incredibly quicks reactions as Cypriot drivers are batshit crazy. With late airport shifts, I did a lot of night driving which I was never confident with before. I also did longer journeys than I had ever driven and I even drove off road. I no longer feel nervous every time I get in a car, I trust myself and my abilities.

I made a home with Ash. Although we lived together for a brief time in Tenerife, we lived in a hotel and didn’t get chance to make it our own. We loved our little flat and I felt so happy there. It really felt like ours even though it technically wasn’t. We spent chilled nights watching tv, had breakfast on the balcony and got on with our neighbours. It may not sound amazing but to me it was.

I felt appreciation for my job. I have always known I am good at my job but it was never acknowledged by someone else before. This season it was, I was appreciated by my manager and my team and it feel really nice to have someone respect the work I put in.

I became more self confident about my opinions. I have always been a very opinionated person but never one to voice those opinions. I don’t know what happened but this season, I really made my voice heard. I went from a quiet, little mouse to a strong, assertive individual. I always spoke up when I had something to say, I made my thoughts known and I’m proud of that.

I didn’t let other people get me down. I have spent too much of my life letting other people’s opinions upset me. Not any more. I am happy with who I am and if you don’t like me, fuck off, let me get on with my life and you get on with yours. I’m not gonna be anyone I’m not, take me or leave me. I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I also have a history of letting people walk all over me, I was always too easy to forgive and forget. Whilst I do believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt and all that crap, if you are disrespectful towards me or treat me like shit, jog on!

I have had an amazing season with ups and downs. I had some great experiences and met some crazy people but the best part of it all was spending the entire season with my best friend. I now have even more incredible memories with the love of my life. We made a home together here and Cyprus will always have a special place in my heart because of that.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



  1. abbeylouisarose says:

    I’m so glad that this season was so positive for you! Getting to actually make a place your own is so much nicer and more settling than staying in a hotel for sure! Cypriot drivers sound a lot like the drivers I experienced in Greece – I swear they’re all insane haha! Not sure that any of them would pass a UK driving test, that’s for sure! I’m so glad that you’ve felt like you’re becoming more assertive too, I’m really happy that you feel able to express yourself!

    Abbey 😘


    • Stephanie Dring says:

      I reckon they’re exactly the same, have the same mentality! I don’t think they’d pass either, Cypriot driving tests must be very relaxed!

      Thank you, I’m happy about it too. I’ve spent too long not speaking up when I should! x


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