Once upon of a time, I would have jumped at a boat trip. However, as I have got older, I’ve developed a case of travel sickness and now the idea of it is not something that brings excitement to my mind.

I first realised I had travel sickness last Summer in Tenerife when we went on a speed boat. In the lead up to it, I was worried about Ash being travel sick as he’s not the best with transport and doesn’t like boats. Turned out, I didn’t have to worry about Ash as it was me who was felt ill. Since then, it’s also reared its head on other modes of transport, for example, I can no longer read on coach trips. We were asked if we would like to go on a boat trip around the Blue Lagoon which is something that didn’t immediately spring joy to mind. I agreed on the principle that it was the only way I was ever going to get to see the Blue Lagoon of Cyprus and also, the week previous we went on an evening cruise and were fine with travel sickness tablets.

The morning of the boat trip was an early start which meant another day off with no lie in (I might get one some day). The boat was to leave from Latsi and for that we had to get around an hours coach journey up to Latsi harbour. We were spending the day on a little double date as our fellow rep couple Vikki and Jav were joining us and so the four of us jumped in a taxi at the crack of dawn to meet the coach. The journey up there was fairly pleasant and didn’t seem to take much time at all. When we arrived at Latsi, the boat had not turned up yet so we had some time to chill in te harbour waiting for it and the harbour is very pretty.


When the boat arrived, I wanted to make sure we nabbed some good sunbeds so I ran straight up to the fly deck and secured four for us. Mission accomplished! We then spent the day sunbathing and relaxing (for the most part) on the boat.

After Latsi, the cruise takes you across the Blue Lagoon where they have a swim stop. The Blue Lagoon is the clearest water off the coast of Cyprus and a great place to snorkel. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am not a confident swimmer and have never dared venture far out into the sea before so I decided to give this swim stop a miss and told myself I would try the next one.


The next swim stop at Lara Bay was the one I told myself I’d try. I grabbed my towel and headed down there. Once I got there though, I started to doubt myself, as I always do and thought I’d back out. Vikki was already in the sea and is a great swimmer so I decided with her there, I could do it. I grabbed one of the noodles for support and edged down the steps into the sea. I suddenly I was in there! I was in the middle of sea and I wasn’t touching the floor. It kind of took my breath away at first because as soon as I let go of the steps, my mind took over and a little panic set in but I was fine. Fair enough, I did have the support of a noodle and a strong swimmer there to save me but I did it and I am incredibly proud of myself. One day, I’ll get to the point where I can jump off a boat without a care in the world and no help but I am incredibly proud of this baby step.


The boat then sailed on past St. George’s island which is just a rock in the sea and the Sea Caves which are still just holes in the side of cliffs before arriving back in Paphos harbour.

I enjoyed the boat trip. It did get a bit rocky for a while before we reached Lara Bay and I got a bit worried but we were fine. The main worry that was with every big wave, my sunbed went flying! Any bigger and I would have been man (and sunbed) overboard!

For the most part, it was a lovely relaxing day except for the fact that a loud, drunk Scottish couple latched themselves onto us. I ignored them but the others were polite enough to chat along which meant we couldn’t get rid of them. They kept sitting on mine and Ash’s sunbeds even though they had perfectly good ones of their own now too far away. Vikki and Jav put a lot of effort into hinting to them to move and eventualy they did. Once they had moved, the woman was fine but the man was so loud and obnoxious I was just sick of the sound of his voice. For the last hour, they disappeared and it was absolute bliss!


Despite the loud Scottish people and the rocky moments, the boat trip was lovely and relaxing leaving me feeling totally chilled out the next day. Considering there was a free bar, I only had one drink all day and stuck to water and lemonade for the rest of the time so I was pretty refreshed too. I wouldn’t say I’ll now be going on boat trips all the time but if I am to go on more in future, I think I’ll look forward to them a bit more after this experience. A day at sea clears the cobwebs!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. I attended this excursion free of charge through the supplier due to company relationships.





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