Every year, since the dawn of time (well, for as long as I can remember), my drama group has gone to Scarborough for a weekend in February. I have no idea why Scarborough, why February or why we always stay in the same dodgy hotel but it has become somewhat of a tradition. You might have read about last year’s trip here but this year, I decided to head down just for the one night.

We headed up early evening and dropped our bags off at the room before running down for dinner. Every year we stay at the Esplanade Hotel which is right on the cliff overlooking the beach front. It has great views but not much else going for it. The meals have become a bit of a running joke because they are absolutely naff but surprisingly, this year wasn’t too bad. The leek and potato soup was edible, the mac & cheese was actual really nice and the only thing to complain about was that my apple crumble was missing all of its crumble. They’ve come a long way since the days of ordering tomato soup and receiving a bowl of baked bean juice.


After a natter with one of my closest friends, Melissa, whilst getting ready, we headed into town for our annual night out. The rest of the group stay in the hotel playing games, doing quizzes and getting drunk but for the past few years everyone in my age range has headed into town. We asked the taxi driver where was best to go and he dropped us off at a bar called Snowies which he reckoned was busy because he had dropped several people off there tonight. He must be in cahoots with the owners because we were the only people in there. Needless to say we didn’t stay long and made a dash for it as soon as we downed our drinks.


We found ourself in Blue Lounge which is a bar we went to last year and stayed there for the rest of the night. Their cocktails are good and I thoroughly enjoyed both a very berry mojito and a blue mojito. The atmosphere here was a lot better here than the graveyard of Snowies so it was a great place to enjoy ourselves and have a dance.

I enjoyed the night and it was great to spend time with some friends I don’t see too often but I’m getting too old. There’s a reason why I haven’t been out all Winter and that’s because I’m past it. Gone are the days when I can dance and drink all night. Gone are the days when every night was a fantastic one. To be honest, I quite fancied being tucked up in bed with a cup of tea… and that’s exactly what I did when we got back to the hotel.


The next morning we all headed down to the beach for the welly throwing competition. It’s a random bit of fun that’s always a laugh before we all go our seperate ways for the day. This year, instead of having a hungover mooch round town with my friends like usual, I was fresh as a daisy and decided to do the walk from North Bay to South Bay with the adults (the people older than me) to blow the cobwebs away. It was a nice refreshing sea breeze walk and it was just as refreshing to grab a cup of tea in the cafe at the end.

After that, I headed back to the hotel to collect my things and jump on the bus home. It wasn’t the longest or the most action packed weekend but it was nice to spend time with friends. The majority of these people I have grown up with and known since I was six years old with others popping up along the way and fitting into my life just as well. The older I get and the further life takes me, it’s inevitable the more distant I’m going to get from these individuals who are like another family to me, so it was lovely to spend even a little bit of time with them.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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