It seems 2016 only started five minutes ago but already, the festive period has been and gone and the New Year is here. The past two weeks have been full of family time with a lovely Christmas in Northern Ireland and a chilled New Year at home in Middlesbrough. With my dad working this year, we spent Christmas with Ash’s family and had my family Christmas on New Year’s day instead. Christmas was a little different this year but applies to 2016 as the year has been a little different. The year was incredible, adventurous and the best yet.


I lived in Tenerife for 8 months. The longest time I have ever spent continuously away from home and I made a life there. I became so comfortable in my surroundings there that coming back to the UK was weird. I made some fantastic memories and the island will always hold a special place in my heart.

I met my boyfriend. Who knew that my very first day in Tenerife, the first person I met at the airport would mean so much to me. We never saw it coming but it has turned into something amazing. I am so grateful to have him in my life and happy to be taking him into 2017.

I travelled to Germany for the first time. The Berlin trip back in February was my first visit to Deutschland and although it was short, it gave me an insight into the country that I’m sure I’ll explore more of in the future.

I stepped foot on Northern Irish soiled. As part of the United Kingdom, it isn’t really a big deal but Northern Ireland was the last place in the UK I had to tick off and now this tiny corner of the world has been covered.

I passed my driving test. Something I’ve been working on since 2013 but two and a half years, a failed test and a long break  later, I finally passed back in February. My first experience of driving solo was in Tenerife. On the other side of the road, on the other side of the car with bat shit crazy drivers on the road and an unfamiliar (and quite frankly shite) car. That first week was an experience but this Summer has seen me enjoying driving around the island in a little red Panda.

I had a post published on a well-known travel website. published an article of mine about rep life which was a great achievement for me and also brought a great deal of traffic to my blog. I shot from one or two views a day to well over five hundred in just one Monday afternoon. I’ve still a long way to go but it’s a step in the right direction.

I stopped taking shit from people. I had gotten into a bad life habit where I was too accepting, too forgiving and if people pissed me off, I just let it blow over which resulted in the same people doing the same thing. I never like to fall out with people and avoid confrontation but letting people disrespect me never made me happy as people could walk all over me. This year, I’ve found it easy to cut people out of life who are not worthy of a place in it. This may mean that the quantity as declined but the quality has sure improved.

I started snorkelling. As a not overly confident swimmer, it never even crossed my mind but one day, we decided to buy some snorkels and I absolutely love it. Hopefully one day, I’ll pluck up the courage to learn to scuba dive.


Travel, travel and more travel is top of the list for 2017. In just over two weeks, we are headed to Gambia for a fortnight to get a taster for an entirely new continent for both of us.

Come March, we’ll be heading back to work and this year, our Summer season will be in Cyprus, another new destination. The island looks incredibly beautiful but the working hours are supposedly difficult so the season could come with a lot of both pros and cons.

The aim is to save up over the Summer to either do our TEFL qualifications and head off on our own come the end of Summer or to put the money towards Camp Thailand. I’ve wanted to explore Thailand for years so I will definitely make saving a priority.

So far, they’re the only plans. Between our return from Gambia and heading off to Cyprus, we’ll be continuing to bounce between England and Northern Ireland. I’d hope we have enough money of our return from Gambia that we can afford a little getaway somewhere in Europe in February time to space the UK time out a little bit.

I’m not a New Years resolutions kind of girl but I would like a little personal development this year. I plan to get myself a little more organised when it comes to this blog and have my posts written up and scheduled so I’m not posting late or stressing about last minute ideas. I’d also like to be a little healthier. The beginning of last year, my mum started Slimming World and I more or less stuck to the plan alongside her for moral support. However, when I went away, the old habits snuck back in. I also went all of October without a drop of Coca Cola. My skin cleared up and I felt less tired however, the fizz wormed it’s way back in too. I’m gonna try and stick to it more, I’m not gonna be ridiculously strict as I have a sweet tooth and love a cocktail but it’ll benefit me in the long run to be somewhat healthy.

After an incredible 2016, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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