Today was the day I was supposed to be writing about the fantastic destination I would be working in over Winter and explain how excited I was. Unfortunately, after receiving our placements earlier in the week, this is not going to be that post.

To apply for Winter, you get three choices of destination. I applied as a couple with Ash and together we put:

1. Cape Verde

2. Lanzarote

3. Gran Canaria

There was also a tick option for Lapland which we also included with a massive paragraph about how much I’d love to work there. We discussed on application that if I got Lapland and he didn’t, I would take it solo because I have wanted to do it for over a year. Any other options we got separately, we’d decline. Stupidly for us, we thought everything would be in our favour and we’d receive an option together. Wrong!

To be honest, Winter is tough. There are less jobs available and fewer destinations to choose from and they work it from the highest performance score down. Also, because there are less jobs and because they work it this way, couple placements are also difficult. Winter work is basically a fight to the death and usually only the highest scoring reps receive a placement. For some reason this year, they’ve worked it out a weird way and people with lower scores have received a placement over some with higher scores but anyway, that’s another story.

So for our placements, I received an offer of Lanzarote for second half winter which would be beginning of January to end of April. That’s fantastic for me because it means although, I didn’t get Lapland which is what I wanted, I still received a high enough score to actually gain myself some Winter work. However, unfortunately, Ash got placement pool which means he has to wait until other people have declined their offers to possibly get offered something. This ruins our plans as we haven’t initially been placed together and even if I accept my offer, there is no guarantee that he will receive the same destination next week, if an offer at all.

So at the moment, the plan is to decline my offer, go home and work over Winter. I wouldn’t want to work Lanzarote without him as it wouldn’t be the same plus a half hour flight is a hell of a lot easier than a four and a half hour flight.

My manager has advised me to email the head of placements asking for some advice on the situation before I make my final decision but I think I’ll just be declining my offer, stating that the only reason for not accepting is due to not being placed with my partner and keeping our fingers crossed that round two offers us something together. A long shot but we can only hope. If that doesn’t work, we’ll go home and work, see each other when we can and maybe do our own little bit of travelling. Instead of season 3 being the first Winter season, it may end up being the third Summer season.

What’s meant to be will be and it’ll all work out in the end.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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