Back in the Autumn, a friend of mine went snorkelling with a professional photographer and uploaded some incredible photos of her swimming with turtles. She interacted with them so closely and the pictures were amazing, I wanted to do it too. She told me she went to Turtle Bay which for some reason I assumed was miles away and looked into organised trips to have the opportunity to do this. However, upon starting this season, I discovered that Turtle Bay is actually called El Puertito and it’s a little beach just down the road from my hotel. I’ve wanted to head down there all season in the hunt for turtles and finally this week, we did it.

After starting the day with a yummy fry up, we hopped on the 471 bus from Costa Adeje up to Playa Paraiso. We jumped off at my hotel, the last stop on the route and walked the road to El Puertito. There isn’t a footpath, only a main road and wasteland so you need to be careful whilst walking down and it’s roughly a 20 minute walk. As we neared the beach, we looked over the cliff to find the gorgeous view of a little sandy bay with the ocean full of docked little fishing boats and several snorkellers in site.


The beach itself was lovely, very small but very local and authentic. I rarely heard the English language the entire time we were there which was a nice to change to the beaches heavily frequented by British tourists. The only time we did hear any English was the brief conversation we had with a Belgian man sat next to us on the beach.



Everyone was really friendly too. We set up camp towards the edge of the beach and went snorkelling for ages until the man on the beach next to us was walking into the sea to find us. He only spoke Deutsch and French so it was difficult to communicate but we gathered from his hand gestures that he recommended we snorkel back in the direction that we had started. It took us a while to realise that what he was actually trying to tell us was that the tide was coming in and our belongings were in danger. When we got back to our stuff, we noticed that our things had already been moved back once which was incredibly nice of them. Especially since the gentleman walked across the beach and into the sea just to come and tell us. Unfortunately, they had already left and we were unable to thank them. The second place we set up camp, again the family next to us were really friendly, showed us the jellyfish they’d caught and when the tide came in yet again whilst we were snorkelling, they packed up our things for us and stacked them on the wall. So thoughtful, British people would have just left your things to get washed away, there is no consideration from anyone. It was so nice to meet genuinely nice people who didn’t owe you anything but helped you out regardless. Rare these days. Ash even made friends with some little Canarian kids who tried to communicate with us through broken English/Spanish, borrowed our snorkels andΒ we even lost my GoPro to them at one point.


Snorkelling wise, unfortunately we didn’t see any turtles. I think you would need to go a bit deeper than we did to see anything. However, we did see quite a few fish, one of the kids found a starfish which we had a look at and we also had a nosey at the Belgian family’s jellyfish. It was fun just messing about in the ocean, learning how to snorkel. It’s the first time I have ever been snorkelling and there was the possibility of drowning but we were fine and had a great time.


It was the perfect day, lots of fun, lovely scenery and nice people. What more could you want for a day? The beach is a lovely place to relax and snorkel, even if you don’t see any turtles, a lovely vibe to it which I put down to it being a local beach rather than a tourist trap. We’re gonna give the turtles another shot a bit closer to the end of the season as we really enjoyed our day down at Turtle Bay.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.



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