Continuing our day off adventures, next on our island check list was the ex-capital city, La Laguna. Before Santa Cruz took over, La Laguna was the capital of Tenerife until 1723. In contrast to Santa Cruz’s modernity, La Laguna is still very much an old town. Very cultural, very Canarian and very beautiful.

Getting to La Laguna was fairly straightforward, hopping on the bus to Santa Cruz for 5.90€ and changing bus for a grand total of 10c was quite a bargain. An hour to Santa Cruz, fifteen minutes to La Laguna and our exploration began.

First off was finding our way into the centre. With no signposts in sight, I was about to whack out Google maps until Ash noticed the tram.

Centro de Historia 1.5 minutos

Sold! There’s something nice about travelling by tram, I couldn’t tell you what it is, maybe because they’re not as common as other modes of transport but whatever it is, I like it. Plus, Ash had never been on one before so it was time to lose his tram virginity. We hopped on and before you could even sneeze, you’d arrived in the centre. Simple as that.


There were a few points of interest I had written down like the cathedral and the Iglesia de Concepcion but it was so nice just exploring the quaint little streets. Pastel coloured and old fashioned buildings, it was a delight to walk around this beautifully vintage city.


We spent hours wandering the city, taking in the historic monuments and the cute little streets. A nice, relaxing wander around the city appreciating it’s contrast to the rest of the island. To end the day, we grabbed a donut milkshake before heading home. Vanilla with a caramel donut and chocolate with a Nutella donut. Delicious but sickly.


Another beautiful day ticking off another part of the island.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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