Every week when Monday rolls around, the Tuesday crew prepare for what we have termed as Messy Monday. This basically consists of a wild night out with no inhibitions as we have the following day off to recover… And not have to show our face at work as so many of our other messy nights end. Pre-drinks, games and dancing all night usually then results in extreme hangovers the next day, the past few weeks in particular where we have just wasted our days off struggling to get out of bed. If we do manage to cure the hangover, we do something basic like chill by the pool or head to Siam Park which is great, but I need a bit of variety in my life. This week, things happened a little differently…

Mainly due to the fact that we’re now in the back half of the month and most people are skint, we decided for one week only to change Messy Monday to Mature Monday. We opted for a night in instead of a night on the town and cooked ourselves a tapas dinner. It’s once in a blue moon that we cook in the apartments, if we’re not eating for free in our hotels we instead go out for a meal, order takeaway or if we do eat at home, it’s something you would not necessarily class as cooking, more along the lines of throwing a pizza in the oven or making noodles. It was a really, lovely, chilled out even with good food and good company. It was nice just to enjoy a night in together for a change, we don’t need a big night out to have an amazing time.



Tuesday was also a turn for the books. Instead of dying in bed from the previous nights intoxication or doing the standard sunbathing session, we went for breakfast and then we actually went to a spa. Now this is a big deal for me as I’ve never actually been to a spa before. Aqua Club Termal is located in Adeje, just a short walk or taxi ride from the Costa Adeje resort depending on where you are situated.


There were the options for massages, facials and so on but opted just to stick to the basic thermal spa circuit. The circuit started in the most energetic hot tub in the world. It was so powerful, it pretty just threw us from side to side and we couldn’t keep our feet on the ground. Then we swam round to the swan neck toning showers, absolutely amazing on my back. I’ve weirdly been getting a lot of back ache recently and feeling quite tense in the shoulder area so this was perfect time. We then opted for a little relax in the more traditional hot tub before getting sweaty in the sauna. It was recommended to stay in for 15 minutes but I couldn’t hack it and only lasted 10. Afterwards, I dove straight into the ice pool to cool myself down after being so hot and sweaty, word of warning, big mistake. Going from boiling hot to freezing cold made my entire body sting with shock! We then took a walk through the footpath which I didn’t really understand as it was just a horseshoe walkway covered in stones. It was painful more than anything.


They also had a temple of showers which included pretty much an ice bucket challenge as you pull the chain to release a bucket full of baltic water over your head, what they called a Scottish shower which was jets of water all over your body (not quite sure why it’s Scottish) and aromatherapy showers with essential oils and water which alternated between hot and cold. My favourite part was the floatarium. The Dead Sea is on my bucket list and this was kind of like a miniature, indoor, man-made version. A beautifully temperatured salt pool that you can just casually float around it. I loved it.

The standard price for the thermal circuit is 28.95€ but we went for couples price. Mon – Fri between 2pm and 5pm, couples can use the spa 2 for the price of 1, so we only actually paid 14€. I really enjoyed it and would go again but it is definitely not worth the full price so I am very glad we went when we did.

It was so nice just to have a chilled night in and a relaxing day off, I felt so refreshed on Wednesday, it was well needed. Sometimes it is good to have a change of pace.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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