If you missed the first instalment on Rep Life: Story Time, you can read it here.

The first few days of her holiday, we were unaware of the antics of David Cameron’s best friend. Midway through the week, we were approached by the Suncare Advisor working at the hotel who informed us of an interesting conversation she had just had with the lady. Introducing herself as a member of the Czech Republic Embassy and her 2 year old son as a member of the British Embassy, she went on to explain that she was working with David Cameron and expecting a phone call. However, the phone call would not be going directly to her but instead, through the suncare advisor who upon accepting the call must confirm her identity to him by stating ‘I am Superman’. Bizarre right? However, we all assumed she was either playing some weird prank or drunk and thought nothing more of it… until guests started approaching our desk. She was wandering the pool, introducing herself and her son to fellow holidaymakers in exactly the same way as she did to the suncare advisor. The only difference was that instead of informing them they would be receiving a phone call from David Cameron, she was just offering them €50 notes. The guests were finding this behaviour increasingly weird as earlier in the week, she was wandering the pool but asking for money to feed her child.

The next day, once again she approached the suncare advisor and issued her with a €50 note too. This one differed however as it had a number written across it that she was to recite to David Cameron when he called. She was also to inform him that she would complete the mission. That afternoon when two other reps were on duty, the lady sat on the floor of reception crying without any known valid reason. She didn’t even respond when people queried what the question was. The following day, my attention was taken away from my desk to reception as someone was screaming ‘But it’s my birthday!’ continuously at the staff. It was this lady and when I asked reception why she was upset, they had zero clue.

On her final day, the lady approached reception and paid to stay an extra 30 days at a price of well over €2000. She then asked the reps on duty if they would look after the child for the next 30 days which they obviously declined. Her response was ‘Never mind, better go and pack, I’ve got to leave for the airport in an hour’. Sure enough, an hour later, she was on the coach to the airport… she still had a booking for the next 30 days and reception still had €2000 worth of her money.

A few days later, reception informed us that she had been picked up at the airport. She must have acted in a suspicious way or said something unusual as they stopped her at security and she ended up being questioned. The child’s aunt flew to collect him. When questioned, the lady kept telling the police that they needed to speak to the suncare advisor because she knew everything and was going to complete the mission. The suncare advisor was then worried she would get questioned herself, she didn’t but the hotel room got searched. Nothing was found, however, the lady did get sectioned and we don’t know whether she is still in the country or not.



One more instalment of Story Time to come for season 1. Stay tuned…

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*For legal and confidential reasons, the identity and details will always be kept private in these stories.

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