Whenever the trampoline was dragged out during P.E, I would shy away. The majority of the girls in my class were miniature gymnasts and although I had dance experience, I was nowhere near as flexible, terrified of flips and had no clue about different jumps. I was highly embarrassed to step foot on one and therefore, avoiding the trampoline like the plague. Weirdly, when Jump 360 opened up in Stockton, just outside of my hometown, I had a strange itch to try it out.


A trampoline park of dodgeball courts, basket ball hoops, foam pits, tight ropes, battle beams, air bags, penalty shoot out and walk the wall, it just screams FUN! Each session lasts an hour with entrance every half hour at a cost of £12. A little on the pricey side but an exciting way to kill an afternoon. After throwing on your fetching new safety socks and signing your life away on the waiver, you watch a safety video which basically consists of a hell of a lot of rules and a curiosity of whether you’re actually allowed to enjoy yourself. You’re then let loose on the court to go crazy (with supervision and as crazy as they’ll let you anyway).




For our entrance time, there was only four of us and no one else already on the court so we had the entire place to run around and test everything out. We ended up in the dodgeball court playing with two of the attendants which was incredible fun but super tiring. We had a blast with them until the next entry time and suddenly they had a hell of a lot more people to supervise. We tried out the battle beam which I assume is great, if you can manage to balance on the beam in the first place!! The electronic wall tag game was far too high for me to jump at. The foam pits are soft and spongy but also, a bit like quick sand. Once you’re in, it’s a struggle to get out.

Although, we are no trampoline experts, we had a great time at Jump 360. There is plenty there to keep you busy with lots to do for both beginners and experienced trampoliners. With the variety of different beds, there’s plenty for you to bounce off and show off your tricks, plus great areas to play games with friends. There is also a viewing platform for friends and family who don’t want to jump, as well as an onsite cafe. Although it seems super strict, the attendants are all about having fun so as long as you’re safe and sensible, you’re free to enjoy!

Once we had finished our bounce, we were exhausted and heading back into Middlesbrough to put back on the calories we had just burned off. We ended up at The Purple Pig which serves interesting burgers, quirky gourmet fries and unique cocktails. We had a giggle at the menu when we discovered the restaurant gives discounts for wearing purple underwear or for bringing your ginger friend along. Unfortunately, although I am ginger, we’re not fans of beer so passed on that offer. Instead, cocktails were ordered, I opted for the You’re Bacon Me Crazy which was a gorgeous passionfruit concoction served in a jam jar. For food, we ordered delcious Phoenix Chicken Burgers which consists of chicken breast, breaded chicken fillet AND chicken wing! The fries are homemade and scrummy with addition of must have Piggy Smalls (pigs in blankers), it was a delicious meal. The waiter was super attendant even bringing us glasses of water halfway through our meal without us asking. The restaurant was dead but I like to assume it was great customer service rather than boredom.


A great day catching up with a fabulous friend trying out new activities and stuffing out faces. Jump 360 is a great addition to Teesside as the area really is in need of new, fun things to do. The Purple Pig is a cute, quirky place to eat with delicious food, yummy cocktails and adorable named menu items. Thumbs up for both!


* All opinions are my own and just that: opinions*




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