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Must-see street art murals Brussels

I guess you can say Brussels is an open-air museum. You just have to look up, and you’ll be amazed by all the fascinating buildings, but also with the amazing graffiti murals and street-art. 

We’ve listed our favorite murals in Brussels, so if you’re in the mood for some unusual street art: here are a few places you’ll need to visit!

Murals in Brussels listed


AdAddressres: Lollepotstraat, 1000 Brussels

You can find an incredible series of LGBTIQ frescoes in Brussel’s gay quarter (or ‘Rainbow Quarter’).

Broussaille Mural

Address: Kolenmarkt, 1000 Brussels

The mural depicting Frank Pé’s comic book detective sits right in the middle of Brussels’ gay district.

Broussaille Mural, Brussels, Belgium
© Instagram – @christoph.macha

Lucky Luke Mural

Address: Washuisstraat 45, 1000 Brussels

This 180 square meters Lucky Luke Comic Strip Mural painting was completed by D. Vandegeerde and G. Oreopoulos in 1992

Lucky Luke Mural, Brussels, Belgium
© Instagram – @rsteshenko

Astérix & Obelix Mural

Address: Washuisstraat 33, 1000 Brussels

One of the biggest fresco painted in Brussels is none other than that of Asterix and his companions intent on their favourite hobby: charging at the Romans.

Astérix & Obelix Mural, Brussels, Belgium
© Instagram – @dealbert24

Tintin Mural

Address: Stoofstraat 37, 1000 Brussels

Hergé drew this simple block in one of his famous albums, ‘The Calculus Affair’, published in 1956.

Tintin Mural 1 - Must-see street art murals in Brussels
© Instagram – @itsenzoyabish

Manneke Peace Mural

Address: Eikstraat, 1000 Brussels

To commemorate 30 years of hip-hop in Belgium a large mural was painted in the style of Manneken Pis.

The mural was made in 2013 by the artist HMI.

Manneke Peace Mural, Brussels, Belgium
© Instagram – @vanou_caudron

Akenkaai / Quai des Péniches

Address: Quai des Péniches, 1000 Brussels

Quai des Péniches is a very popular place for graffiti artists to showcase their works.

Bonom (Vincent Glowinski)

Bonom Vincent Glowinski is without a doubt the most famous street artist in Brussels. In a few short years, he has become a virtual legend as quickly as his gigantic murals have appeared on the grey sides of buildings.

You can spot his street-art here:

  • The crossroad of Rue Fontainas – Fontainasstraat and Avenue de la Porte de Hal – Hallepoortlaan, 1060 Brussels
  • BOZAR: Rue Ravenstein – Ravensteingalerij, 1000 Brussels
  • 95 Rue de Flandre – Vlaamsesteenweg 1000 Brussels
  • Place Stéphanie – Stefaniaplein, 1000 Brussels
  • 87 Rue Blaes – Blaesstraat, 1000 Brussels
  • Botanique: 236 Rue Royale – Koningsstraat, 1210 Brussels

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