February was a funny old month. Most people get January blues but I most definitely had February blues. It seemed I lost all passion for my job and had absolutely zero motivation for it, the weather was absolutely rubbish with rain, wind and expected hurricanes plus on top, I was really ill for about a … Continue reading FEBRUARY 2018



Welcome to 2018 and the first monthly roundup of the year. It's been a funny little month. I haven't hated it but I haven't loved it. The beginning of the month saw me going back to work with the start of my first ever Winter season and moving to Gran Canaria. It's been a month of some … Continue reading JANUARY 2018


2017 ended with a bang. December was probably the best month of the entire year, so many amazing moments and memories. We started the month in Iceland, spent the middle in India before having an incredible Christmas at home with my family. December, you were amazing! Countries Three. I started the month in Iceland before … Continue reading DECEMBER 2017

2018 GOALS

In 2017, I made small improvements to my life with cutting out Coca-Cola, reducing my alcohol consumption, eating slightly healthier and starting meditation. All of these things made a difference in their own way whether it be improving my mood, energy or even skin. In 2018, I want to up these goals and focus on … Continue reading 2018 GOALS