Welcome to Wanderlust Pulse.


Stories of rep life and the travels between.

After growing up in North East England, I studied Performing Arts for three years just outside of London and after, moved back to the North  for two years where I started a career in optics.

I suddenly found myself at the age of 22 with no plan, no idea what I wanted from a career and with nothing tying me down. I applied for any job that would let me escape my native country and was successful with a representative job for a well known tour operator. This was the beginning of the adventure taking me to Mallorca, Tenerife, Cyprus and Gran Canaria to live and work. I was always slightly wanderlust but working abroad let the travel bug bite and now I’m hooked.

Between work seasons and destinations, I also travel to other locations will my partner at partner Ashley whether it be further afield, exploring more of Europe or even just in my own backyard of England.

In my spare time, I am the travel editor for The Growing Up Guide.

Recently, I have taken a strong interest in mindfulness and completed a meditation diploma so you will also find a mindfulness and wellbeing section.

The adventure started with me running away but I have since learnt, I have instead run towards an unbelievable amount of experiences and opportunities. 

I’m not lost, I’m found.

Steph x

Follow my adventures here Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please visit my contact page if you would like to get in touch.


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