Here we are again. halfway through the month and I haven’t did my round up of the previous month. Better now waste any more time!


I bought a car! I passed my test two and a half years ago, have driven 14 cars since passing but never had a car to call my own. Finally, I am a car owner! It is a little white Hyundai i10 which is 4 years old and perfect for running around. I never thought I would buy a white car as I’m not a massive fan but I love it. I’ve named him Glen… Glen the i10…

In other car related news, this months I hired a car whilst in Bristol and got an awesome upgrade. I paid for the cheapest, just a Peugeot for £26 for two days and got upgraded to a beautiful Mercedes. I am obsessed with the colour of it, it was stunning and for someone who has never been bothered about cars, I now really want one.

We head to Bristol for the weekend to visit Ash’s family which was lovely. One day we went into Bath which was really nice, the shopping there is awesome, I wish I had more money. My only disappointment is that the Roman Baths cost £17.50!!!


I had a nightmare getting the car. First, the bank held my payment for suspected fraud and didn’t bother paying me so my payment almost didn’t go through on time THEN the DVLA went down so I couldn’t tax it. Poor Glen sat in the car park all weekend but couldn’t be driven.

I always seem to have awkward experiences in hire cars. I had several awkward experiences in the Mercedes. Firstly, I couldn’t figure out where the hand brake was… who knew they had buttons under the steering wheel for that sort of thing. The next day, I accidentally knocked the speed limiter (didn’t even know that was a thing) and couldn’t figure out why the car wouldn’t go above 24mph. Then on the final day, I forgot to push the hand brake button at the petrol station and the car along with Ash started rolling away!


Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher. I really enjoyed this book but honestly, had to go back and read the blurb again to jog my memory when writing this post. I read too many books in this genre, they all start blurring into one another. The story is about Lizzy who has been in a long term relationship but suddenly finds herself single instead of engaged. It goes through her journey of finding her identity as Lizzy and not as a couple. It definitely highlights that you shouldn’t lose who you are for someone else.

Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig. Such an easy read, I love short chapters. A book that is so current is today’s society and highlights why people struggle in the modern world.

Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig. Another book with delightfully short chapters. Rather than a self help book, this is the simple story of one mans journey which others can relate to and take comfort in.

After You by Jojo Moyes. Me Before You was the first and only book to ever make me cry so I had such high hopes for the sequel. It was an enjoyable book but at times a bit far fetched and not as emotionally touching as its predecessor.

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. I got this book to read for Helen’s new book club but fell behind and hadn’t finished the book by the end of the chat. The story follows the relationship of Tom and Izzy following WWI on a secluded island off the coast of Australia. Their dream for a family brings such joy and heartbreak and whilst the story holds some incredibly difficult topics and decisions, it relays them in such a beautiful way. Such an emotional and heartbreaking story with so much beauty.


Mamma Mia 2. I feel like I waited so long for this movie to be released! The first is mine and my mum’s movie so of course, we had a girly cinema trip. The first is better but the second is definitely incredible.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I watched the most recent three series on Netflix and oh god, I am obsessed! Such sass, I’m in love.

The Bachelorette. Becca’s season has just been on and I loved getting into The Bachelorette again, always such drama.

The Incredibles 2. Comedy gold, I enjoyed it more than the first.

#stayhere. Another dose of Netflix gold all about renovating short-term rentals. There are some really cool places you can stay!


Turtle Bay, Middlesbrough. Turtle Bay has always had so much hype and honestly, DID NOT ENJOY! The burger I ordered was quite honestly disgusting and whilst Ash’s was edible, it was tiny. I really do not understand the hype. Sorry, not sorry!


The Sitting Room, Saltburn. I have followed this cafe on Instagram for such a long time and was disappointed. The cafe was tiny, the cake I ordered was awful but at least the rose hot chocolate was delicious!


Mango grapes. Get yourself to M&S, so juicy, so good!

Cherry Bakewell green tea. The only way tea could get better is if you added cake and cherry bakewell green tea is just scrumptious.


Bit late as it’s actually almost over but lets just pretend… I’m in a performance of Chicago.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

2 thoughts on “AUGUST 2018

  1. Finding Kate ✨☕️📚✈️ (@_findingkate_) says:

    Awww I absolutely LOVE Glen – had a little lol at “Glen… the i10”! It sounds like a total nightmare with your bank but I’m so glad you managed to get it sorted! Rose hot chocolate sounds intriguing and those hotel chocolat ice creams have me absolutely drooling! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely few weeks – looking forward to reading your next instalment!
    Kate x

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