JULY 2018

Well, well, well… it’s a been a while. I’ve taken a little time off blogging, not necessarily intentionally but you know, life gets in the way and before you know it, your fingers haven’t touched the keyboard in a long time and you’re almost three months into August without having written your July post. So here we go!


The month started with a lovely, girly catch up with one of my mates. I love those effortless friendships where you both accept life is busy but everything falls back into place when you meet up and get nattering!

July is our anniversary. Two glorious trips around the sun together and by god, have we had some adventures.

Happy birthday to me! I had a lovely birthday with my family. We spent a fun filled day at Forbidden Corner and it was such amazing, quality time. A damn good birthday!

We had a road trip to High Force which is a beautiful waterfall in Yorkshire. I went when I was a kid and remembered it being quite a walk but it took about 5 minutes from car park to fall. Always nice to be in nature though, it can be pretty amazing.

We randomly visited a park in Gateshead because after a trip to Ikea, Ash decided he wanted he wanted to feed some ducks. We found Saltwell Park and oh my, one of the most beautiful parks I have been to. So big and so beautiful. Ash got chased by geese which made my day.

A work trip to York Races. I have absolutely zero interest in the races but it gave me a day off work so who am I to complain? We all got dolled up, travelled first class and enjoyed the VIP lounge. We didn’t even pay attention to the races, we just sat around a table having a laughter filled day.

Strawberry picking was so much fun but next year, I’m definitely going earlier in the year to get juicier fruits.


They say it’s lucky but I didn’t feel very lucky when a bird shit on my shoulder. I didn’t have anything on me to help me out in my bag other than a sanitary pad so there’s me walking down the street wiping crap off my shoulder with a pad… smooth…

I did my first house viewing at work and whilst it wasn’t bad, it could’ve gone better. I walked in on someone asleep and then couldn’t shut the front door.


Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney. The story is told through the perspective of Amber who is in a coma but she has no idea how she got there, all she knows is her husband doesn’t love her any more. I loved the narrative of the story but it took a while to take off. I totally didn’t see the first twist coming and it was very clever but the second twist was just confusing and threw the entire story out of whack. I don’t really know how I feel about it.

Investing in Shares for Dummies. Don’t get me started, what even possessed me to check this out of the library, I’ll never know… snooze!!

The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop. After the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, two families are left in Famagusta and this is their story of hiding. After living in Cyprus last Summer, I was totally intrigued by this storyline and it didn’t disappoint. Incredibly well written and thought provoking, such a tragically beautiful storyline. Read it!

The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris. Ash has been loving reading business books and loved this one so I decided to give it a bash. The book talks about reducing your working hours whilst increasing your income in a humorous way, including teaching you how to tactfully get fired from your job. It sounds insane but there are a lot of great concepts in there.


Luther. Ah what a genius show, how did I not watch this before?! I loved it almost as much as I love Dexter. I love shows with unconventional storylines.


Oven, Middlesbrough. Popped here for Sunday lunch with my friend and my lord are the portions huge! I ate loads and it looked like I’d barely touched the plate.


Cashflow. A board game I bought Ash for our anniversary based on the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. It’s like a quicker, more fun version of Monopoly that’s supposed to help educate you about getting out of the rat race. We loved playing it.

Butterfinger Coconut Mini Cups. Absolute little drops of heaven and only 39p in Home Bargains! Imagine a beautifully creamy Bounty… mmmm!

M&S Rose Gin. Such a beautiful flavour and it’s colour changing when you add your mixer. I’d recommend lemonade!

Malteser Truffles. I have dreamed of these since seeing them floating around Instagram months and months ago so when my eye caught them in Asda, I had to get them. Totally worth the Β£3.50 price tag.

Crunchy Caramel M&M’s. Just go to Poundland, trust me.


Boots Virgin Mojito shower gel. Such a wonderful body wash but don’t think it’s worth the price when the Superdrug version is just as good at a fraction of the price.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

3 thoughts on “JULY 2018

  1. pinarrawlins says:

    Sometimes we all need a break from things so don’t feel bad.

    July sounds like it was a very exciting month for you and so fun! My brother in law is an estate agent and he has told us so cringe but funny stories. I hope you are enjoying your new job!

    I love Victoria Hislop and The Sunrise is such a great novel, one thing I really enjoyed about her book was the research behind the story of the invasion. As a Turkish Cypriot i’ve grown up being told that Cyprus isn’t my home and that we don’t belong but thats because no one knows what Cyprus was like before Turkey invaded and why they invaded in the first place! I have Greek Cypriot friends, the younger generations don’t hold so much grudge like the elders, and I don’t think its fair that people should judge just on the invasion, so this book is great because it tells the story from both sides.

    I hope your August has been as fun as July xo

    Pinar | http://www.beautybakingbella.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. abbeylouisarose says:

    I definitely haven’t been doing as much blogging lately either, life has gotten away from me too! I’m hoping that once I’m moved into my new flat next week, things will calm down and I’ll have a free weekend to sit and blog again!

    It sounds like July was a really good month for you, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I love girly catch ups where nothing changes no matter how long you’ve been apart too!

    Your story about the bird poop and the sanitary towel made me chuckle – I hope that doesn’t happen again any time soon!

    I’m loving mojito scented shower gel at the moment too, I was gifted a bottle from the Body Shop and it smells sooooo goooood!

    Abbey xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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