JUNE 2018

June was a beaut of a month. For most of it, the sun was shining and I feel like I’m finally in a routine with my life. I feel like this month was super busy and it has gone so quick! Get a cup of tea because this month is a long one…


June saw some lovely family with it being my mum’s birthday. She had wanted to do an escape room for a while so I booked one for her birthay. We all met for ice cream before hand and then had great fun escaping. We went to Cluedini in Yarm and played the Blitz, thankfully managing to escape with five minutes to spare. It was such a lovely day because we don’t often do things with every family member present.

I had a lovely catch up evening with my friend Joe at his new flat. A nice, relaxed evening of snacking and gossiping.

We went to a new bowling alley in Middlesbrough called Lane 7. It’s a boutique bowling alley and I loved the atmosphere there, it was super chic. It is also much more convenient as there has never been a bowling alley actually in this town before, we have always had to travel to the next town over and head to the commercial Hollywood Bowl. I’ll definitely be sticking to Lane 7 though.

Ash and I had a lovely day off wandering around Great Ayton. What originally started as a trip to Roseberry Topping quickly changed when we realised on arrival that we had no cash for the car park. We ended up having a nice stroll through the fields and around the village of Great Ayton before munching on some fish and chips and enjoying the best ice cream from Suggitt’s.

A blast from the past came when Ash and I helped to film a promo video for a local restaurant in exchange for a free meal. Ash had no idea what he had got himself into and I felt like I was back at uni when I used to film random stuff all the time.

My drama group had a night out which was lovely and probably the first time every single one of us has been out together. Usually one of us is busy or away at uni or you know, working abroad, so it was really nice for us to all get together. Ash tagged along too and I was grateful that he got to meet an important group of people in my life. I enjoyed the night but I’m a bit past it now and found myself home by 12:30 whilst the rest partied the night away.


So, one day I was walking home from work when I heard two women arguing. One was walking away and the other was clearly either drunk or on something. As I passed her this was the conversation:

Her: Excuse me, can I have a word?

Me: *very awkwardly* No… *continues to walk*

Her: No?! Who the fuck do you think you are? I’ll fucking kill you!!

She then started to walk faster to catch up with me whilst muttering to herself things like go on, kill her and drag her fucking hair out so of course by this point, I’m bricking it and considering diverting into the train station in the hopes of more people when another woman leaves the station and she started on her instead. I swear, I have never walked home so fast in my life!!

Oh and then there was also the beautiful Summer day when I decided to wear a dress only to regret it when the entire thing was blown up by the wind in the middle of the town centre… great!


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book has seemed to be a blogger fave for quite a while and I was eager to pick it up. It explores how to live creatively and whilst I enjoyed the read thinking it had some great concepts, it is a book I am also struggling to remember as I read it the first week in June so sadly, it clearly wasn’t very memorable.

Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland. A book that has been on my TBR list for a while but honestly, didn’t have high hopes for. My opinion totally changed though as I adored this book. I think Louise is an incredible author and I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel. Although I’m not a mother myself, I found the character of Robyn so totally relatable and it was so great to read such a raw and real story of life, relationships and motherhood. Mad props to Louise!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This month, Ash has been really interested in business and finance. He has never been a reader but this month, has read quite a few books and even signed up to the library which I am super happy about. Rich Dad, Poor Dad was the first book he read and he raved about it. I’ll be honest and say, I had absolutely no interest in reading it but Ash talked me into it and I loved it. It examines what schools don’t teach you about money and how to be successful. A very easy to read with no confusing jargon and really gets you thinking about money.

Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. Following on from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant examines the four main ways to make money and the personality traits you need to be successful in each of them. Again, another easy to read book and really gets you thinking about finance. I would highly recommend if you are interested in changing or adding to your stream of income.

Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. This month’s Blogger Book Nook post, go check out my review!


Love Island. But isn’t everyone?! I love Jack and Dani, I think Megan is a total bitch, Samira is a bit of sly friend and everyone should be a bit more like Georgia (just maybe not quite as loud).

Safe. We watched this new series on Netflix simply because it had the same actor as Dexter. I found it quite difficult to watch for the most part as it wasn’t a programme that really kept you hooked, however, the last episode was great and really tied everything together.

Hereditary. Honestly, I had such high hopes and left feeling liked I’d wasted Ā£23 on that cinema trip. It had good moments but overall, it was just a bit shit. Establishing shots were far too long and overall, it made absolutely no sense.

Jurassic World. Never a franchise I had the time of day for but Ash put this movie on one night and I really enjoyed. Not quite enough to fork out the money to see the new one at the cinema but enough to watch it when it gets released.


I have missed regular trips to the theatre whilst being away so it was lovely to park my bum back in a red seat. I saw the UK tour of Matilda in Sunderland and it was great. I have previously been to Matilda in the West End so already knew the production was great but every time I see kids perform, their talent just blows me away.


The Lambton Worm, Sunderland. Sometimes you just need a bit of pub grub and this menu was amazing. So much incredible choice that made it difficult to choose and in my usual fashion, ended up ordering more than I could handle. Of course, I had to have halloumi fries but I also ordered two different varieties of pizza fries. Chips topped with pizza sauce, one with a chicken and garlic topping, the other with pepperoni… delicious! Plus, conveniently located just across the street from the theatre.

Uno Momento, Middlesbrough. I ended up visiting this Italian restaurant twice in June, purely out of coincidence rather than choice but thoroughly enjoyed it both times. Half pizza, half pasta is such a great option for someone as indecisive as me and on my first visit, I opted for my favourite spaghetti carbonara with a goats cheese and parma ham pizza. On my second visit, I went unintentionally vegetarian with a delicious goats cheese and halloumi starter with cheesy, mushroom raviolli for main. Couldn’t knock a single dish, delicioso!

The Fork In The Road, Middlesbrough. This is the restaurant we visited to film the promo video and we got a free meal out of it. Ash went for the steak which wasn’t that great and not cooked even close to the way he wanted whereas, I opted for the burger which was amazing! I’m funny with burgers, they’re either amazing or I don’t enjoy them so it can go either way but The Fork In The Road’s burger was superbly spiced and served with chips and the best coleslaw I have ever had. This restaurant is also a great concept as it is a non-profit restaurant donating all extra proceeds to charity whilst also giving work to ex-convicts who want to turn their life around.


Brewhouse, Middlesbrough. I popped into Brewhouse three times in June and it is my new favourite coffee shop. They have the most incredible selection of freshly made scones every day that you are totally spoilt for choice! Add in their fabulous tea selection and you have a cafe with my name written all over it.

Sundaes, Yarm. I guess not technically a cafe, more of an ice cream parlour but they serve coffee so it counts! I have followed Sundaes on Instagram for over a year but never had the opportunity to visit. It was a beautiful, sunny day that we went so it was suuuuuper busy but the ice cream was worth it. I opted for one scoop marshmallow and one scoop Parma Violet, both of which were out of this world!


L’Oreal Stylista The Sleek Serum. I have so many flyaway baby hairs at the moment that I picked up The Sleek Serum to help. When I first started using it, I loved it. The smell is lovely and it did help to tame some of my flyaways. However, this was also around the time I started to get what looked like dandruff although I didn’t connect the two at first. After a few weeks though with Head and Shoulders doing nothing to help matters, it suddenly clicked and I realised it wasn’t dandruff but actually the product, flake free since. Won’t be using it again.


Rhubarb. It all started when I picked up some rhubarb and custard shortbread from the farmers market last month which were absolutely heavenly. Then, I picked up the fruit punch edition Starmix which included a rhubarb and strawberry flavour egg which was the best in the bag. Then I picked up rhubarb and custard bubble bath and body sorbet from Superdrug which smells so sweet and beautiful. Then I picked up the raspberry and rhubarb Robinsons fruit cordial which is the best cordial every to caress my taste buds. Then I realised I might have a slight rhubarb obession.

Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin. I have wanted to try this for so long but considering I don’t really drink, the price of a bottle really wasn’t worth it. I was super happy that Wetherspoon’s started stocking it so I could try it and oh my god, game changer!! If you love Parma Violet’s, get some! It is basically a liquid Parma Violet.

Malteser Buttons. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!


It’s my birthday!! We will be heading to Forbidden Corner for the day and my intention is to get a chinese too, I’m really excited about the chinese.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

9 thoughts on “JUNE 2018

  1. Helen Christie says:

    Wow, what a month!!! I love going bowling, Lane 7 sounds like a great place to go. I love your book selection from this month, I’ve not read any of them. I completely agree with everything you said about Love Island, and also i’m SO glad you said that about Safe – I felt exactly the same about it, but everyone else said how hooked they were, I felt like I was missing something!
    I miss you!
    Hels xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. abbeylouisarose says:

    I’m so glad that June was full of some very lovely things for you! That encounter with the drunk lady as you walked home from work sounds terrifying though! A similar thing happened to me the other day in Leicester town centre, although the guy in question wasn’t drunk! He started following me for several hundred metres shouting loudly about me having my legs out (I was wearing a kneelength dress on a hot day) and saying how much he wanted to shag me – delightful! People very strange sometimes! The burger that you had in exchange for your work on the video content sounds amazing, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Shame about Ash’s steak though! You’ve done a great amount of reading as always, putting me to shame! Happy birthday for July!

    Abbey xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stephanie Dring says:

      I have never walked home so fast in my life, I had no idea what was going to happen. Ooooh delightful, I bet you’ve set your wedding date already!! I never think I’ve read that much and then I think of all the books I’ve read in a month and am quite surprised xx


  3. Kat (@femenish) says:

    I’ve always wanted to try an escape room! That’s such a cool birthday pressie to get for your mum. And also: I am well jel that you went to Matilda. It’s one of the shows I’ve been wanting to see for ages!

    Liked by 1 person

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