Crime and thriller books are not my usual genre. I have no idea why since on screen, I love mysteries, the twists and trying to guess who it was. I love any sort of storyline that keeps me on my toes so it is baffling to me why I have never picked up a thriller before. Recently, I have been wanting to expand my reading into different genres so this month’s blogger book nook prompt gave me the perfect opportunity to dive into a different genre. This month, I read Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough but before a review, some questions…

Who is your favourite fictional detective and why?

Since I haven’t read many crime or thriller books, this is difficult question to answer. I love detectives who are absolute geniuses. Those who come up with incredible theories that leave you baffled as to how cleverly thought up they are.

Do you enjoy being able to solve the mystery in a book before the characters do or do you like to be kept guessing until the end?

I like to be shocked so I would definitely prefer the mystery to continue to the end. I love it when you think you have it all figured out and then there is a massive twist throwing every thing up in the air.

Murders, missing people or heists and thefts, which do you find most compelling?

Definitely missing people. I find with a murder or theft there is usually a reason or explanation running through but with missing people there is a lot more mystery surrounding the case. There are so many aspects to keep you on your toes and maintain the guessing.

What keeps you most engaged in a crime plot? Intriguing characters? Mysterious settings? Or a whole lot of action?

I love the suspense. I love not knowing. The more confused and baffled I am, the more deep I’m into the plotline. I love knowing anything could happen. I love everything you think you know being thrown up in the air. I love the twists and turns.

Crime is a popular them for novels, tv shows and videogames. Which is your favourite way of experiencing the genre?

Since I don’t play videogames and I’ve only just dipped my toe into the crime book world, it would have to be tv shows. Broadchurch had me absolutely hooked! I had so many theories that were always dashed by the end of an episode. If you haven’t watched it, I would highly recommend.

Review: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Since I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for with this genre, I returned to my trusty hotel book shelves and selected Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. My only reason for this was nothing other than the front cover stated ‘This year’s must-read thriller’ and ‘THE MOST SHOCKING ENDING YOU’LL READ ALL YEAR’.

Behind Her Eyes follows the story of Louise who gets caught up in the marriage of Adele and David – her new boss who she is sleeping with and his wife who she befriends behind his back. Both Adele and David are very intruging to Louise as individuals but she quickly realises that they have an unusual marriage and something is not quite right.

Throughout the story, Louise tries to help the couple and figure out what is going on. For a lot of the book, the storyline seems incredibly simple. Everything adds up to show the big picture pretty early on so you figure out what has happened before you have even got to the depth of the story.

Or have you…

I spent 300 pages enjoying the story itself but not really grasping why it was a thriller. There was a crime, yes, but there wasn’t exactly anything particularly thrilling.

Then in the last few chapters, everything I thought I knew changed and honestly, I did not see the ending coming.

I’d say it is quite a slow-burning thriller but it ends in fireworks and is totally worth waiting for the fire to light!

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  1. jennyinneverland says:

    My mum and I recently got this one out from the library so I’m excited to read it now! I used to love Crime novels when I was in my late teens / early 20’s but I’ve really gone off of them now. I love Thriller’s, Mysteries and Psychological Thrillers. They’re my go-to genre now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. alohalola says:

    A good mystery book is great as it has you hooked from start to finish! I prefer not knowing or guessing the culprit till the end too, I want the surprise factor! x x x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Abbey Louisa Rose (@abbeylouisarose) says:

    I’m glad to hear that Behind Her Eyes got better as it went along, I absolutely love a twist at the end of a tale so that sounds right up my street! I don’t need agree that missing people contribute a lot more mystery to a novel as there are just so many possibilities! Thank you very much for joining in with the Book Nook again this month!

    Abbey xx

    Liked by 1 person

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