I dubbed this year ‘the year of me’. I have spent so much of my life focusing on making sure everyone else is happy when people couldn’t really give a toss about me. So this year, I’ve been valuing my own self care and mental health, making sure I’m putting me first and doing things that make me happy.
This week has been the biggest self care week because I’ve spent most of it ill (awwww). From migraines to the flu, I feel like I’ve had it all so I’ve made sure I’ve only been focusing on me.

I feel like a lot of people consider self care to just consist of bubble baths and face masks so I thought I’d share everything I’ve done this week that I consider self care because I’ve done it all for no one but me.

I added more vegetables into my diet because it was really needed for my health.

At the same time, I’ve also eaten two bars of chocolate, two packets of cookies and two bags of sweets just because I felt like I really needed the sugar in my life… and that’s ok. You have the rest of your life to eat healthy.

I meditated on a morning to give myself a positive start to the day.

At the same time, I also ditched my morning meditation some days in favour of the snooze button because those days I valued sleep more… and that’s also ok. You can always get back into your morning routine.

I made sure I was drinking plenty of water because it’s something I’ve struggled with recently.

I took a nap on my lunch break, a little afternoon siesta if you will, because I just really needed to recharge my batteries.

I said no to a night out because I just didn’t want to go.

I read my book because I love reading.

I went for a walk with Ash even when I had a fever because I knew the fresh air would do me good. 

I spent an entire evening bingeing on YouTube just because I wanted to.

I sat in my car in silence for ten minutes when I was early for work because I needed to pep talk myself into going.

I stuck on Encore Radio, relived my youth and had a good old showtune sing-song to some of my favourite musicals because I’m just a musical genius with the voice of an angel.

I spent my entire day off snuggled up on the sofa watching Bachelor In Paradise even though it was glorious sunshine outside because I really needed a me day to recover.

I got a shower, washed my hair and brushed my teeth even when I felt like I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed.

I remembered to laugh even though I felt like shit.

I let Ash look after me instead of trying to do everything for him.

I had a good old chin-wag with my mum on the phone because mum’s always make everything better.

I wrote in my gratitude journal even though I felt I had little to be grateful for.

It’s been a tough week with me not feeling the best but taking the time to focus on me and getting better I feel has really helped speed along my recovery. I’m still not 100% but each day I feel better. If I’d worried about keeping everybody else happy instead of me, stress would have just made everything worse.

Stress can be the devil so don’t wait until you’re ill to focus on self-care. Take some time now, take some time for you, take some time to look after yourself, take sometime for your body and ultimately, take some time for your mind.

Steph x

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are mine and just that: opinions.

7 thoughts on “MY SELF CARE WEEK

  1. _findingkate_ says:

    I love your tip about practicing self-care all the time and not just waiting until you’re at peak stress and trying to practice self-care… A therapist once told me its the same principle with mindfulness – it needs practicing regularly so you can fall back on it when you need it! Great post.
    Kate x

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