Imagine a morning person. The type of person who does a hop, skip and a jump out of bed on a morning a millisecond before the alarm blares. The type of person who wakes up to birds chirping and pulls a long, elegant stretch. The type of person who runs around the office with exclamations of ‘GOOD MORNING!’. Got it? Yeah, that’s not me…
I’m never been a morning person, it’s just not in my nature. If we put it in Disney terms, I wake up more like Anna from Frozen than Giselle from Enchanted. I find mornings a struggle. Snooze has always been my best friend and groans of frustration have never failed to escape me. Conversation is unwanted first thing and in the past, I’ve had a bit of reputation as a miserable morning bitch.

This all changed when I took up meditation. Whilst it didn’t change my life completely, it made me slightly more motivated on a morning. It really helped me to wake up more positively.

More recently I have tried other things in my morning rountine which have really helped me to be more positive on a morning.

I’m not gonna lie, I still have the occassional frustrated morning where I bash the life out of my alarm but overall, this works. I’ve read many blog posts in the past about morning rountines and how they help you wake up better but those routines are just not for me. This morning rountine is probably the least conventional morning routine in the world but it works for me and that’s what you need to find, something that works for you. Ignore all of the stereotypical ways of waking up and find a routine that helps. If you find waking up easier and start the day with a more positive, motivated and mindful perspective then you’ve got the right routine!

Press the snooze button

I know, I know, that’s the worst thing to do, right? For me, it works. I hate being startled from a beautiful slumber by my alarm but it makes things better if I know I don’t have to get out of bed that second but have another ten minutes to come around. It only works once though, any more and I’m just being lazy.

Face wash

Whilst I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, I wash my face. I find this refreshing and it helps to wake me up.

Get back into bed

Ridiculous I know and makes me sound so lazy but knowing I’m getting back in, helps me to get out in the first place. Then once I’m out I feel awake and getting back in is just a relaxing 15 minutes to enjoy my tea and read. This 15 minutes helps to start the day off right.


I’ve tried meditating at different times of day but I just don’t find it as beneficial as first thing on a morning. Meditation really helps me to begin my day with a clear head and positive outlook. It’s a time of day when I have some alone time and can really feel a sense of peace.

Listen to a podcast

The final thing that helps me is listening to a podcast whilst I’m getting ready. It helps to stimulate my mind and get my brain juices flowing (ew, that sounds grim but I’m keeping it in). It also keeps me focused on something else rather than letting me think how much I’d rather be in bed than getting ready for work.

I have some crazy ideas but they work for me! All 5 help me start my day in a better mood which leads to a more positive day. If you’re finding that the conventional morning routine suggestions aren’t working, maybe try my unusual approach, you never know. 

Leave in the comments anything you do to help you on a morning!

Steph x 

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



  1. Abbey Louisa Rose (@abbeylouisarose) says:

    I love this post, Steph! I like how honest you will about your morning routine, everyone who ever seems to make a video on YouTube about their mornings seems to be the idyllic morning person that you describe in your intro! That’s definitely not me either! My downfall is always scrolling on social media for ages, perhaps I need to start meditating or listening to a podcast to get me moving!

    Abbey x

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  2. Tabitha says:

    I’ve been struggling to wake up recently and it’s driving me insane as I feel like I’m wasting the day away in bed. All the tips you have provided are great and I’m definitely going to try some out. I want to make it a habit of mine of getting out of bed, change in to sports gear, wash my face and do a quick work out before breakfast – that is the goal I hope to achieve!
    I also love the idea of getting up, grabbing a tea and reading for 15 minutes. Something I will definitely do on my rest days!

    Tabitha x

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    • Stephanie Dring says:

      It’s great to have a consistent morning routine that starts your day off right but some days are just a struggle so don’t get mad at yourself if you don’t succeed some mornings. It’s so nice to take some chill time first thing rather than being GO-GO-GO the second your alarm goes off x


  3. Finding Kate ✨☕️📚✈️ (@_findingkate_) says:

    Steph I think we are so alike! I love your idea of having an extra 15 minutes in bed to have a little read and just grow accustom to the day! I know what you mean about a podcast too – have you done ‘Serial’? I’m just listening to season 2, and giving it that bit of time first thing in the morning is really helping me focus on it! I’m a terror for snoozing my alarm, I must stop doing it! But I always set an alarm early so I can wake up and appreciate the fact I still have a while in bed yet! Lovely post and your bed looks ginormous and cosy!
    Kate x

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    • Stephanie Dring says:

      I hate the alarm going off and having to start the day, I’m just not ready to start yet haha!

      I’ve never heard of that podcast, will definitely check it out!!

      I can totally relate to setting an alarm early to enjoy more time in bed!!!

      This bed is so nice, it’s just a double but after years of living abroad with twin beds pushed together and nights of falling down the gap, it’s so nice to have a double!! x


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