In life, I believe there are a lot of situations where you have to respect the proper etiquette. As a thespian and theatre-lover, one of my biggest frustrations in life has always been theatre etiquette. Whether performing or in the audience, when people don’t respect the proper etiquette, it really gets on my last nerve. From talking during performances to rustling sweet wrappers to people arriving late, I’ve experienced it all and been irritated by it all. I find it highly disrespectful to both performers and fellow audience members.

This has worked it’s way into my current job role, in particular my welcome meetings. I view a welcome meeting as a kind of performance and believe it should be treated in a similar way. Just like actors do, I have an audience. Just like actors have a job to do, so do I. Just like actors learn lines, I have a script I stick to. If we want audience interaction or participation, we ask for it. All we want is for you to respect the process but some people just can’t do that. I am finding myself increasingly annoyed by people who disrupt my meeting and as ridiculous as it may sound, decided to create this guide on welcome meeting etiquette. 

  • Don’t arrive early to a welcome meeting and then get annoyed at having to sit around and wait for it start. Your invite stated a particular time and it will begin only at that time. You wouldn’t arrive 30 minutes early for a play and then complain when it didn’t start until the time advertised on your ticket.


  • If you arrive late, be respectful. It is completely understandable that you are in holiday mode and sometimes, it just slips your mind that you have a welcome meeting to attend but if you do decide to turn up late, please enter quietly. Please don’t apologise and give your reasoning as this disrupts the welcome meeting already in process, just sit down and join in. The reason you don’t have a welcome pack to view is because you did not turn up on time, you will receive this at the end.


  • Please don’t ask questions throughout the meeting. Oftentimes you are jumping ahead in the meeting to a point that will be approached at some point. It is politely asked at the beginning that all questions are kept until the end as the majority are answered throughout the meeting, if anything is unanswered, you are more than welcome to ask at the end.


  • Please don’t talk to each other throughout. The meeting is only fifteen minutes long and it is a total distraction within the welcome meeting.


  • Try and look interested, even if you are not. It may sound ridiculous but you chose to turn up and receive this information so be respectful of that. It is totally offputting to present to a room full of miserable faces. If nothing else, at least make eye contact, it is really disheartening to see people who find the floor more interesting.


  • Control your children. I totally understand that they want to have fun but I need to present this information without kids running around the room and screaming. If you are going to bring them along with you, they need to be able to behave.


  • Once you arrive and sit down, commit to it and stay. It will always feel rude when someone walks out of a welcome meeting. It will only take fifteen minutes and you can make a swift exit at the end if you choose to.


  • If you have already had your welcome meeting, please be respectful of the welcome meeting of others and make future contact outside of welcome meeting times.


So, if you ever attend a welcome meeting in future, please be respectful to make it a more comfortable situation for everyone involved, it really makes our jobs easier. I am currently taking part in a positivity challenge and this is honestly just my way to get silly rants off my chest without actually verbally ranting.

Which situations do you feel need a proper etiquette respecting? Let me know in the comments!

Steph x


This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



  1. abbeylouisarose says:

    I definitely feel your pain here! It is *such* an annoyance when you are trying to provide a welcoming and informative service and the people you’re trying to help just don’t give a damn! It’s also very frustrating when people then come back to you with questions that were covered in something like the welcome meeting, grrrr! Can you tell I’ve worked in customer service a lot?! Haha! Thanks for this very relatable post!

    Abbey 💋


  2. andthenzen says:

    I normally just sit patiently and listen at welcome meetings, but it’s normally my mum who’s guilty of some of your aforementioned ‘sins’! She will always ask questions that have already been covered, or attempt to start a conversation with me half way through, much to my dismay! We have been to Welcome Meetings before, however, that have lasted in excess of an hour, at which point, we were springing up to leave.. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

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