September has been a long month. Work has been slow because we are so close to the end and social wise, we’ve exhausted all options and have been struggling to find things to do. It’s been a funny little old month.



A lovely day of snorkelling and sunning at Fig Tree Bay.

Finding out that we have winter work and will  be heading to Gran Canaria in January.


I had a minor car accident at the beginning of the month. It was fine, no injuries, minimal damage and no damage at all to Trev luckily but it still wasn’t fun. The driver in front of me had an automatic hire car which he’d never driven before and just stopped abruptly at a roundabout and I went straight into him. Thankfully he admitted fault so I didn’t have to pay for the damage to his car, I was fine and Trev was fine so it could’ve been a lot worse.


Getting Winter work. Not everyone gets it, you have to work hard to secure work and we did it!


First car accident. Not really the type of first I wanted.

I tried quail for the first time when one of the coach drivers brought a big feast to the airport one night. Tastes just like chicken.


The Girls by Emma Cline. A great coming of age story about how you can so easily get swept into the wrong crowd. I quite often read more modern fiction so it was nice for a change to read a sixties story.


A lot of horror movies. We’ve been really into them this month. We saw IT at the cinema and didn’t really think a lot to it. It was a good movie which reminded me of a cross between Stranger Things and The Breakfast Club but I found it more funny than scary which wasn’t what I was expecting.

American Horror Story. It’s back. I’m not sure what to make of this season so far, I’m not connecting to it like I have all previous seasons but I’m still enjoying it.


Seven St. George’s, Paphos. A traditional Greek meze restaurant but with no menu and a set price with the food coming until you say stop.

Mare Mare, Paphos. Cute little place on the harbour front which serve up delicious virgin cocktails and tasty duck & hoisin wraps.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



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