If you’re a regular reader or follow me on Twitter, you will know that August is the worst month for me. It is the worst month for anyone who is a holiday rep. I have mentioned it a little in my previous posts REP LIFE SEASON 3: A DAY IN THE LIFE and REP LIFE SEASON 2: THE MID-SEASON BLUES. I have been in this job three years now, three August’s have come and gone, none of them pretty but none of them as bad as this year so I am so pleased to see the back of it.

For starters, August is the time when you start developing the mid-season blues. The novelty of being here and being in a new destination has worn off. You’ve been away from home for a good few months now and starting to miss family, friends and home comforts. You’ve put up with the same shit from different customers day in day out since the start of season and now you are bored of it with your eyes rolling in the back of your head any time a guest so much as breathes near you. You’ve submitted your placements for Winter and next Summer but still anticipate the decision, the waiting game slowly eats away at you. You can’t look forward to anything because you don’t know what’s in store for you two months down the line. Then there’s the heat and any ounce of enthusiasm you had left is drained out of you in the form of sweat.

Then roll in the customers and August brings the worst of them.

Firstly, there are a lot more of them. All flights are fully booked, all hotels are fully booked and you are in demand for service an awful lot more. In August, you are always rushed off your feet.

It’s the Summer holidays so there are a lot of families which means a lot of kids. Now I have no issue with kids whatsoever, my issue is with the parents who don’t know how to control or look after the kids. Whilst you get the absolute cuties you also get the little shits whose guardians haven’t got a clue. The kids who run around disrupting your welcome meeting and pull out all of the pages of the holiday information folder whilst the parent ignores them with absolute zero respect for the fact that it is making my job a lot more difficult. Adults get drunk and have absolutely no clue where their children are, I reckon half the time they forget they even have children. There have been incidents where children have been left unattended in the hotel all day, one case a child actually broke his ankle whilst his parents left the hotel. There have been cases of domestic violence whilst children are present (not that it is acceptable when children are not around) which I find appalling. It’s not the children that are the problem, kids will be kids, it’s the parents and their lack of ability to actually parent and/or be decent human beings. It’s my personal (and maybe controversial) opinion that you should have to take out a license to be able to have kids because some people just shouldn’t have them. You see it all in this job and some of the family situations I have seen or heard of are absolutely disgraceful.

The complainers are another level. Due to the time of year, holiday’s are much more expensive and therefore everyone expects a lot more. Whilst you may have paid more than someone who came in May, you still receive the same product I’m afraid. People seem to examine everything a lot more carefully, looking for complaints where there aren’t complaints. When complaining, people are a lot less understanding, a lot more demanding and a lot harder to deal with. A solution someone was over the moon with two months ago will not receive the same reception from an August customer. They will want more and they will demand more.

The month is just completely draining and exhausting. You’re clock watching constantly waiting for the end of the day. You wake up and groan knowing that you’re heading into work and more shit. You are permanently tired, de-motivated and just stop caring. Despite it all, I somehow still managed to get rep of the month, go me!

But today, it is September 1st and August is yesterday’s news. The tough month is over and done with for another year. Now we can celebrate and rejoice in the fact that it should only get easier from here onwards. You may think Fuck Off August is just the title of this post but it’s actually a genuine event and celebration. For the entire month, we count down the days to September and celebrate seeing the back of the month with a Fuck Off August party. This is an event in every destination, for every tour operator and no matter how you celebrate, it feels great to have made it through to the other side. Yesterday, I celebrated with an after work massage, an afternoon of pool chilling with my closest work buddies and my first alcoholic drink in four months.

So goodbye August, you were a pile of crap but September, I am so grateful to see you!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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