… you might damage your car. However, I still recommend you go…

Adonis Baths has been top of my Cyprus bucket list since the start of season. The only thing to put me off were the endless tripadvisor reviews noting how bad the road is to get there. Off-road, pot holes and steep drops were all reasons I stayed clear. There was no way I was taking little Trev up there and possibly damaging him… especially when he’s not technically mine. For the past week or so, I’ve debated hiring a quad bike but with numerous companies recommending I take a safari first due to being a beginner, I got scared and chickened out. So when someone else mentioned that THEY were driving to Adonis Baths, Ash and I had to jump on the band wagon.

The tripadvisor reviews were right. Although all signs stated ‘road is good for all cars’, the last 20 minutes of the journey were steep, off road and on a cliff edge. We headed there in a Kia Picanto so the road is do-able for all cars but I wouldn’t say good as the signs suggest.


The 9€ entrance fee is pretty steep considering what it actually is. Even a UNESCO World Heritage Site here in Paphos only costs 2.50€! After paying the fee, we had to wander through a bizarre little museum to get to the baths. Called the Watermill Museum, I’m not quite sure what the museum was for. It just housed a lot of beds and old pictures.


The baths and main waterfall is a picturesque location with a murky green pool, cascading waters and tree swings. It was very busy and plenty of people were jumping from the rocks, tree and rope swing. We gave the jumping a miss which was probably for the best as the water was freezing! We had a quick dip, watched people jump and admired the view before decided to wander the area a bit more.


The second waterfall was smaller but had a much more relaxing atmosphere with no one around, however, the others were ready to leave so I just took a few snaps.


The area is also surrounded with statues. A gigantic Aphrodite in the car park and a golden Zeus at the entrance but once you are inside, it gets weird. Before getting to the first waterfall, there is a statue of the lovers Aphrodite and Adonis with a sign stating that infertile women should touch his ‘apendage’ and will have many children afterwards. Before the second waterfall, there is another statue who is hung like a horse and very happy to see you with a very similar sign. The location seems to promote the resolution of infertility a lot including a rock that they reckon if you smell it, you also become fertile. It was all very unusual!


Adonis Baths was a lovely place to spend an hour and I’m very happy I finally got to tick it off the bucket list… especially without having to damage my own car. With the entrance fee, I won’t be returning but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in Paphos. If you take a car, the road is not for a nervous driver and I’d say your best option is to go for a quad.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.



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