You may have read in my recent blog post that work is incredibly draining right now. The first thing you want to do during your time off is relax and the last thing you want to do is venture half way round the island for an adventure. So recently, we’ve spent a lot of time closer to home exploring places closer by.

One relaxing way to spend a day is chilling at the beach but having the severe case of wanderlust that I have, the regular location just won’t do sometimes and you need to go exploring new places. We decided to spend a day at Timi beach which is roughly a 20 minute drive from our apartment and close by the airport.


This little beach had a relaxing atmosphere without any crowds and was the perfect place for some chill time. The beach population was strictly locals and expats with a lovely calming vibe. We spent the early afternoon lounging on sunbeds whilst reading and watching YouTube videos respectively before heading out for a snorkel. The water was pretty clear and although there wasn’t much to see, I saw the biggest fish I have seen so far whilst snorkelling. Whilst I was having luck with the fish, luck was against Ash when he lost his watch in the sea and after swimming around for a while, we gave up hope of finding it. After a spot of lunch at Bonamare on the beach front (which in all honesty, I would give a miss), we headed back to our sunbeds just as a man was coming out of the water declaring he had found a watch. Ash’s luck came back and so did his missing timepiece. Timi beach was a lovely place to spend an afternoon and is a Paphos beach I would prefer to go to over the crowded tourist hotspots.



Even closer to home, there is a place just off the hotel strip called the Sunset Point of Cyprus. We headed up there one evening with a picnic and settled down on the sand to watch the sunset. There is a clear reason this location was given such a name as it is the perfect position to watch the sun go down and the light fade. With the calming lap of the waves in front of you and the picturesque St Nicholas Church in the background, the location is stunning and attracts quite a crowd. The atmosphere could only be better with less people but with a view so stunning, I guess it would be rude not to share.


It has been lovely getting out and about seeing new places but still staying close enough to home that we can head straight back when we’ve had enough and just want too crash. Sometimes life can take it out of you but there is always room for adventure even if you don’t stray too far. Some of the greatest adventures can be found in your own back yard.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.



    • Steph @ Wanderlust Pulse says:

      Thank you 🙂 It’s so true though, sometimes you really need to take in the world around you and appreciate what’s close by. You don’t always need a grand adventure to find something amazing and make incredible memories.

      Steph 🙂


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