Jollies come at the start, middle and end of every season. Either to promote team bonding, keep up motivation or celebrate success, there is always a party or event. They’re always something that you look forward to and in my experience, always disappointing. A lack of imagination, lack of money and usually a kick off generally results in the jolly being a bit of a let down. This Summer’s mid-season jolly fell on our day off and was one I was not looking forward to. I’m not a fan of work related activities on my day off and couldn’t really be bothered, especially since the start of season jolly ended in disaster.

This jolly had a lot more build up than any others we’ve ever had. Usually you’re all just shoved into a bar and left to get drunk but this one involved tasks in the run up week. In teams, we had to complete various different tasks in order to build up minutes which would be taken off our final time. From pool karaoke to balloon animal making, we completed various activities before the day of the treasure hunt. Still on the day, I couldn’t really be bothered but once it kicked off, I became really motivated to do well.


We spent the afternoon completing activities to gain clues to the next location. Clue solving was something I was really good at, maybe my love of Cluedo and murder mystery interest helped. I had to push my way around a jam-packed lazy river, someone else had to swim a huge distance and we caught water balloons for just a few of the activities and soon, we were at the finish line… the first ones! Somehow, considering not a single member of our team has a competitive bone in their body, we won!


Our prize included my first parasaiiling experience, something I’ve always been interested in but also always turned my nose up to the price. I thought it would be scary but it wasn’t in the slightest and was actually pretty calm sailing in the sky. It was cool to do but nothing special so I wouldn’t be in a rush to do it again. Once you’re up there, it’s kind of like oh this is fun but I’m done now. Plus the boat made me feel pretty seasick.

I also had my first jet skiing experience with Ash. The sea was a little rough that day so we were bouncing over waves and I thought on a few occassions that would be thrown off but we survived. Once our ten minutes was up, Ash was told to jump onto a different jet ski and we were driven back to shore rather than taking ourselves back. I’m very disappointed that the photographer did not take a single photo of Ash and I, instead the only photo I have is this one of me very unimpressed with being on a jet ski with a random bloke.


The rest of the evening was pretty chilled on the beach with a pizza delivery and a few drinks. It was nice to have a different style jolly and a relaxing evening with the team. A lot of thought, preparation and money went into this event which made all the difference. It was the most enjoyable jolly to date in which I also got to lose both my parasailing and jetskiing virginity.

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.




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