With the modern age of technology and social media, as well as using blogs as inspiration for my adventures, Instagram is also actively searched. Through Instagram this year, I have found some of Cyprus’ hidden gems and was so excited when one day I came across a photo of flamingos.

Sadly, on further research I discovered that the flamingos that flock to the salt lakes of Cyprus, only do so in the Winter months and between March and November, the lakes are dry and flamingo-less. Of course, March to November is exactly the same time period I am in Cyprus so I found this highly disappointing.

Flamingos or not, we still decided to pay our closest salt lake a visit. We had heard that the crystallisation of the dried salt was cool and even without the flamingos, the salt lakes are still insta-worthy. Β Living in Paphos, our nearest salt lake is in the next district of Limassol. My top tip for heading to Limassol Salt Lake is do not Google map Limassol Salt Lake. We ended up in the middle of no where, off road, wandering through the woods in mid-thirties temperature trying to find a salt lake which we did not find. On reflection, I think we were actually just on the other side of the lake but close proximity or not, there is no easy access using this sat nav route.


Hot and sweaty, we returned back to our little car Trev and tried to Google alternative ways to get there. That’s when I came across Akitori Environmental Centre and decided that would be the best place to try and find. Input Google maps again, off we went and sure enough, there is Limassol Salt Lake right in front of the centre.


The lake is huge and on first glance, it just looks like a massive open white space. Whilst deciding whether to pay the environmental centre a visit or head straight down to the lake, a guy who worked for the centre came up behind us and mentioned that if we headed inside, we could see the flamingos through a telescope.

FLAMINGOS? But I thought the lake was dry March to November? And this is where it just goes to show that you can’t believe everything you read on Google and that nature just does it’s own thing. Whilst yes, the majority of the lake was dry, there was still a fair amount of water and within that water were perched thousands of flamingos.


It was cool watching them through the telescope as it was our first time seeing them in the wild. Most people have seen them in zoos but there is always something special about seeing animals in their natural habitat so of course, we wanted a closer look. After watching a short documentary on the work that Akitori Enviromental Centre do, we headed back outside and headed onto the salt lake itself.


The dried salt lake is interesting in it’s own right with it’s pure white beauty, glistening in the light and the crunch under your feet but obviously, the main attraction is the flamingos. We could only get so close as the further you get to the water, the soggier the ground gets and it starts to become a bit like quick sand. This is probably a positive thing in a way as it means you can enjoy the pink beauties from afar without disturbing them.


I was so happy with the way this day turned out after firmly believing I would not get to see the flamingos during my time in Cyprus. Nature can be an amazing and unpredictable thing so even if you read one thing online, check it out for yourself, you may have a wonderful surprise like we did!

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. If you head down to Limassol Salt Lake or any other location with animals in their natural environment, please be respectful.

7 thoughts on “FINDING FLAMINGOS

  1. Bipasha says:

    Oh how cool! When were you there? I visited towards the end of July but wasn’t as lucky 😟 But then again, I arrived at sundown and I really hope for my sake that there weren’t any that day 😳

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