Three years and three destinations with each year and each destination completely different. As the years have passed, I’ve grown up, I’ve become older and wiser, rep life has completely changed for me. The meaning of it, my thoughts about it and the way I approach it has changed a lot since the beginning, particuarly this season.

One of the biggest things you associate rep life with is partying. When I started repping, I was twenty two and loved a good night out. My first year in Mallorca, I was so disappointed that the resort I was in had a severe lack of nightlife. I hated that my closest friends went to Magaluf on the weekend but I couldn’t go because I had a different day off. Then upon arrival in Tenerife, I was told Tenerife ruins lives. It’s true, I spent far too much time partying. Nightlife was so easy, so accessible and so cheap that there ended up being too much of it. Too many drunken nights and too many hungover mornings. Too many jucees and too many balloons. Eventually, the strip got boring. That’s what rep life was about… getting drunk. This year, I have zero interest in nights out and zero interest in drinking. I went on two nights out at the very start of the season and haven’t touched alcohol in almost three months. I no longer get a thrill from it and rep life is no longer about partying for me.

Work is harder this year. The previous two years, I had the busiest hotels in the destinations, was kept on my toes but still had an awful lot of chill time. I would spend countless hours of the day scrolling through facebook, online shopping and reading blog posts. I started this blog whilst at work one afternoon in Mallorca and kept up this blog regularly whilst at work in Tenerife. Not once did I write a blog post at home because I had so much free time at work. This year, I only just manage to squeeze in a quick lunch never mind have a scroll through my news feed or type up the latest post. There is constantly something to do, constantly someone to see and I am always constantly zipping around. I no longer get free time at work and rep life is no longer about chilling for me.

I think I care more this year. Work was just something you had to do to pass the time of day before heading out for the evening. I didn’t really put too much effort in and I didn’t really care about the results. This year, I am more focused on my performance and results. I have that end goal of making sure I get a Winter placement and am putting a lot more effort into my job. I am actively trying to get more sales and trying to make people happy so I get good feedback instead of just sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs. I no longer don’t care about work and rep life is no longer about just getting by for me.

You’re away from your family and friends, out of your comfort zone and it is important to be liked. For two seasons, I tried hard to make friends and hoped people liked me. Your colleagues are also the people that you are friends with, it’s important to get on with them. If you were back at home though and worked in Asda, you wouldn’t need everyone in your workplace to like you, you wouldn’t have to find friends within your team. This year, I’ve made zero effort with friendships. This may sound bad but all my true friendships back at home are effortless. It’s worked, I get on well with everyone, I consider the majority to be my friend and I socialise when I want. I haven’t tried hard and I haven’t been someone I’m not, I’ve just been myself and people can take me or leave me. I no longer make an effort to be liked and rep life is no longer about making friends for me.

This season is different because Ash has been by my side since day one. There have been ups and downs at work when we’ve thought about sacking it off and jumping on a flight home, mad moments when we’ve thought about quitting. We’ve powered through for each other. This job gives us an amazing lifestyle that we get to share together. This job lets us live in an amazing country. This job lets us earn money for travelling which is what we really want to do. This year, rep life is about us. It’s about being here enjoying the moment and looking forward to the future it can help provide. Rep life has given me a lot but the greatest gift it gave me was the love of my life.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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