Last week, I posted this very soppy post as Ash and I have now been together for one year. That’s one whole amazing trip around the sun together! To celebrate, I wanted a nice little mini break away from our day to day Paphos life so booked us a hotel on the opposite side of the island to get away from it all.

Thankfully, we were owed a half day off work and took advantage of this the afternoon before our day off which meant we could drive up to the East coast on the Sunday afternoon and not waste any of our hotel time. The East coast is quite far for an island but the two hour drive wasn’t too bad, even when I was riding solo for half the journey with sleepy head as my co-pilot. We rocked up in Ayia Napa and found our hotel very easily. Although Ayia Napa is famed for it’s lively atmosphere and young scene, the hotel we had booked was away from all that, right on the doorstep of Makronnisos Beach.


Asterias Beach Hotel was our crash pad for the night and although it wasn’t my first choice, I managed to wangle some discount as the company we work for sells their hotel. I booked one of their newly refurbished premium sea view rooms and it did not disappoint. Gorgeous decor, stunning beach view, cloud-like bed, fruit and wine on arrival and my favourite part, a rainfall shower. I don’t know why but I am in love with rainfall showers and I had no less than four showers in the 18 hours we were in the hotel. We were booked half board so were entitled to dinner and breakfast. For dinner it was Mexican night which was nice enough but nothing to write home about and we gave breakfast a miss in favour of extra sleep. We had a lovely chilled evening, wandered round the hotel and chilled in bed watching tv with milkshakes before an amazing night’s sleep. It was just what we needed and I loved it.


Of course, with it being Ash and I with our bad luck, it wasn’t quite as simple as that. Our room key didn’t work upon arrival so we had to go back down to reception to check it. It was discovered that it wasn’t a problem with the door key but with the door itself so we had to wait for maintenance to come up. When that problem was solved, the air con wasn’t working so we had to wait for that to be fixed. The hotel advertised a rooftop bar which I was excited to try out but after 20 minutes of failing to find it, we contacted reception to be told it wasn’t open yet. Instead, we decided to head back to the room and order some milkshakes via room service. They didn’t answer the phone. I went all the way down to the bar myself to order the milkshakes and ended up ordering Ash the wrong one. Then when it was time to sleep, one of the lights in our room wouldn’t turn off so after trying every light switch in the room, we ended up opening up the fuse box and flicking the switch.

Nothing can ever run totally smoothly for us, we seem to have some sort of curse over us but working in the hotel industry ourselves, everything that happened just made us laugh. It was amazing night away and I had the best sleep I have had in a long while.


The next morning, we decided to take advantage of our time on the East coast and explore a few places. First we headed to Nissi Beach which is a hot spot in Ayia Napa and I have seen beautiful photos of. However, the reality was slightly disappointing as it was rammed with so many tourists and sun beds that you couldn’t even see the natural sand bar. We stopped there to have some relatively disappointing lunch in a beach bar before heading back on our way.

Our next stop was the Cape Greco area which is a national park with some of the clearest water off the coast of Cyprus. Absolutely stunning views up there! We saw the natural bridge but not many other places as the area was quite difficult in the car and it was far too hot for long walks.


We also visited the Love Bridge, another natural bridge which is said to grant wishes if you kiss underneath it. Not too far away was also Love Lock Bridge which is the most disappointing one I have ever seen, a million miles away from Paris, let me tell you that.


After that, we decided to head home as we realised we had pretty much covered all the areas we wanted to see. Mid-way through the journey home, I fancied a driving break so we pulled into Limassol for a milkshake. I had seen a cafe on Facebook called Caldi who were posting amazing looking freak shakes and I just had to get one. The red velvet Oreo one was absolutely delicious, not as sickly as it looked and powered me through the remainder of the drive home.


It was lovely to have a night away to celebrate our anniversary and get away from it all. It was also nice to see areas of another part of the island even if I do think Paphos wins hands down. We finished our little mini break with our batteries recharged and it was just what we needed!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way. I received a discount for our stay at Asterias Beach Hotel through company connections.



  1. Bipasha says:

    Hi Steph, you live in Paphos? how lucky!
    Congratulations on your milestone together, every moment should be celebrated 🙂
    I was in Ayia Napa & Paphos for a short vacation last week, it was so very beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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