No matter what cruise you fancy, Paphos has a boat trip to offer you. Full day, half day, adults only, blue lagoon, evening… whatever your pickle, Paphos will tickle. We were invited to attend Wave Dancer’s Fireworks Night Cruise one evening. We have already been on a fireworks cruise once this season when it was over Ash’s birthday so I wasn’t really that bothered about going but this one was so much better (sorry, Paphos Sea Cruises).


For starters the boat is bigger, the Wave Dancer is a converted ferry and because of this, there isn’t quite as much motion as a standard yacht which is great for sea sickness which I did not feel an ounce of that evening. The overall feel also is a lot more relaxed and a lot less cramped. You have a lot of room to breath whereas to compare it to Paphos Sea Cruises’ Ocean Flyer, everyone is very tight together.


The entertainment was a million miles better. Being a pantomime regular from the age of six, I can cope with a lot of cheese and love a lot of cheese. The entertainment on the Ocean Flyer was too much for me. Maybe because I had about three hours sleep the night before and was holding my eyes open with tooth picks but I just did not enjoy it. Wave Dancer however, go all out. They have a bit of cheese but the singers and dancers are on a more professional level. The entertainment is so much more than this though with live acrobats and an aerialist on board which gives the entertainment a lot of diversity, keeping your attention for the entire evening.


The best part was the food. Wave Dancer promotes it’s night cruise as the only 5* floating restaurant in Cyprus so I was hoping not to be disappointed which I was not. The food was incredible and more like a restaurant style buffet than your typical boat food. It was delicious!


The only downside to Wave Dancer is that drinks are not included. To be fair, when you are experiencing an evening, entertainment and food of such quality for the price tag, it’s kind of understandable that drinks are not included. I personally wouldn’t have an issue with this because I’m not a drinker but big drinkers may have some problems with this. Regardless, this wasn’t a problem for our group as Wave Dancer generously covered the bill for the evening. I was drinking non-alcoholic raspberry mojitos which were delicious, although, at one point, I was served an alcoholic by mistake which could have been an issue for me driving home if I hadn’t realised!


We had a lovely evening on the Wave Dancer, enjoying it so much better than the previous fireworks cruise. I’ve compared Wave Dancer to Paphos Sea Cruises a lot but in honesty, there is no comparison. Wave Dancer is in a league of it’s own for quality and service. It definitely blows all other boat companies out of the water!

I was invited to join the Wave Dancer cruise due to company connections. This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



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