It feels like it has been forever and a day since my last blog post. In the past, I would always write them at work because I had a lot of free time but these days, that just isn’t the case so I am now struggling to find the time to write. We’ve got a bit of catching up to do!

I don’t know who told me about Pissouri or how I came across it but it was a place I knew I wanted to spend a day off. I knew it was a nice place but the information online was limited so one day off, we just had to jump in the car and discover it for ourselves.

The drive there was very pleasant and very well sign posted so firstly we followed the signs to Pissouri Bay. We drove through a charming little village with only a few signs of tourism and parked up at the beach. It was beautiful, a gorgeous cove with clear blue water and very few people. It was so quiet there that it was very peaceful and relaxing.


All we wanted to do that day was chill so we purchased our sunbeds and got to some sunbathing and reading. If you’re up for it though, there are lots of different water sports that you can do and one group of people seemed to be up for all of them. I dipped my toes in the sea but it was so cold that day that I didn’t venture any further in.


For lunch, we headed up to the village and walked past a few places that were either expensive or didn’t have good options before settling on a little restaurant called Perry’s. There isn’t much dining choice in Pissouri Bay but Perry’s was cute and the owner was welcoming. He even offered us a job in his travel agency! Ash tucked into spaghetti bolognese whilst I enjoyed garlic bread and garlic mushrooms. Like the beach, the restaurant was also very quiet so it was a nice atmosphere.


We ventured back down to the beach after lunch but by that point, the wind had picked up so we decided to head back. On the drive back, we decided to head up and check out Pissouri village itself. What a mistake that was! The roads were so steep and so narrow that I thought we were either going to get stuck or my car would start rolling back. It wasn’t even worth it, there wasn’t much to see up there.


I think because Pissouri Bay is a little more out of the way and not close to any tourist resorts that it has such a lovely atmosphere. I will definitely be back but I’m never heading up to the village again!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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