Not only are this years birthdays our first together as a couple, for Ash it was an extra special one as he was turning 21. Of course, I wanted it to be extra special for him and put a lot of planning into making it a good one. As you may know from a lot of our adventures over the past ten months, it quite often happens that things don’t go the way we want or way we plan… this was another one of those cases but we made it work.

Being in Cyprus and turning 21, there is one place which springs to mind immediately… Ayia Napa. We’ve yet to venture for a night out on the East Coast so I thought this would be a great opportunity. Everyone was up for it! I’d booked a lovely hotel for us to spend the afternoon/evening in together, the East coast team were planning a little surprise party and our West coast girls were going to drive up separately and join us for a Napa night out.  The following day I thought it would be nice to have a nice relaxed day on Nissi Beach before driving back. Then we got the email to say that our managers had other plans. Instead, we were booked on a boat trips, both the evening of the planned night out and the day after and so the Ayia Napa plan fell to pieces. The two of us could get out of it because our manager already knew I’d booked a hotel but the others couldn’t. It then defeated the point of just the two of us heading all the way up there for a night out, especially when neither of us are particularly bothered about getting drunk any more. Thanks to good old I was able to cancel the hotel and start to come up with other ideas… a lot of which didn’t work out either… so we settled for a simpler plan.

The night before Ash’s birthday, we decided to join the team on the evening boat trip. This seemed like a good idea at the time we agreed to it but after working 9am-4am Saturday/Sunday and then again 9am-5pm on Sunday, come Sunday evening, the last thing we wanted to do was head out on a boat. After a brief nap and a quick shower, we forced ourselves to go and to our surprise, it was kind of enjoyable and we were ok. The birthday boy got embarrassed with a sing-song and a cake, we had a bit of a laugh, watched some fireworks and at the end of it all, went home and crashed out.

The next morning, we woke up surprisingly early for our day off. As I’ve mentioned before, breakfast on the balcony has now become a day off tradition here in Cyprus and Ash’s birthday was going to be no different. I decorated the balcony with banners and balloons, served up a simple breakfast of toast, eggs and Ash’s favourite, beans, and we had a nice relaxing morning.

The previous Monday, we had a drive up to Limassol, forgetting that it was Bank Holiday Monday. All the shops were shut, the beaches were rammed and it was difficult to find a parking space. Eventually we found one near the marina and had a short stroll and an ice cream before giving up for the day. We decide to try it again!

Our first stop was the shopping centre My Mall where we had a wander around the shops and a few things caught our eyes but surprisingly, we had a great sense of willpower and did not spend a penny except on a Subway. After shopping, we decided to head to the beach and opted for Lady’s Mile. The road to get there is very bumpy and after a minute or two, I decided just to turn round in fear of damaging the car. We parked up a little off the main road where there was a little beach but we soon realised how windy it was and that this was not sunbathing weather.


Instead, we decided to try and find Limassol Municipal Gardens which ended up just being more of a shit park than nice gardens. Ash did find a lost purse though and the good man that he is tried to find the owner before handing it in to the zoo. Sadly, we don’t think the man we handed it in to was very genuine but never mind, we did our part. After driving all the way there, we thought we may as well spend a little time at the marina so had a wander back and grabbed another ice cream before the hour drive back to Paphos.


That evening, I treated us to a meal and some drinks at a restaurant called Muse which had been recommended by a few people. It did not disappoint. The restaurant is located in Paphos old town and sits right on a hill giving you a lovely scenic view of a panoramic over Paphos. The cocktails were delicious, I opted for a tea twist on a mojito and another I can’t remember the name of or could pronounce at the time but it was named after the Muse of Poetry and had a little kick to it. Ash just went for classic mojitos but they were good. The food was a bit hit and miss, the starter of bacon wrapped halloumi was to die and Ash enjoyed his burger but my four cheese chicken was a bit sickly.

We had a lovely day celebrating Ash’s birthday together and even though it was simple, I loved it. It was nice and chilled and we got to spend the evening talking about the past year, the future and the world. It was actually our first date night since arriving in Cyprus so I loved it. I doubt I’ll venture to Limassol again because after two visits, there doesn’t seem to be a lot there. I will, however, head back to Muse as I enjoyed the views, cocktails and bacon wrapped halloumi but I think I’d pass on a full on meal again.

Happy 21st birthday to my gorgeous Ashley, I hope you had the most incredible birthday and here’s to many more celebrated together!


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