I saw a quote today which read;

An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is.

Now let’s put aside our rip roaring belly laughs and get to the point of this quote… it reminded me that I haven’t posted about our afternoon at Pafos Archaeological Park.


The archaeological site in Kato Paphos is another one of those places that we mention in meetings but know bugger all about so we figured, we should probably go and investigate so we know what the hell we’re talking about. The main reason I wanted to visit, however, is that I wanted to see the amphitheatre. Being a drama student for more than a handful of years in a former life, I have spent a lot of time studying Ancient Greek Theatre and learning about amphitheatres. The inner drama geek in me was excited!


The archaeological park isn’t the best layout as it is quite tricky to follow. To be fair, it was never intended to be a tourist attraction so why would it be built to easily navigate? However, with the price it costs to get in for what it is, they could have put some of that money into an easy to follow path or better signposting.


The ruins of the houses are pretty and they have a scenic view right on the cliff edge. The floors of the houses are said to be the finest mosaic floors in the Meditteranean with a lot of scenes of Greek mythology. The second part is true, there is a lot of mythology within them but when they are said to be the finest I was expecting something more. Maybe to a mosaic lover, they were perfection and plenty of people have said how beautiful they are but to me, they were uninspiring.


The old Paphos lighthouse within the park is just that, a lighthouse. Nothing special,  nothing to write home about and you can’t even get in to explore so I wouldn’t consider that to be a highlight of the archaeological park either.

The highlight, of course, is what I knew would be from the beginning… the amphitheatre. It was a lot smaller than I was expecting and the stage area was severely ruined but I appreciated it all the same. My thespian side was well and truly satisfied.


All in all, I’m glad I went because I now know what I’m talking about and I also got to see my first amphitheatre but the site in general is not a place that sparks particular interest in me. For the right person, it could be golden but for myself, I just didn’t connect to it.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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