In February, I decided I’d start doing little roundups of my months just to keep a record of where I am in my life. Then March rolled around and I got so busy I didn’t have time. So here we have March and April smashed into one!

In March, five. Splitting the first two thirds between England and Northern Ireland along with a night in Ireland and two nights in Amsterdam. The last third involved moving to Cyprus. In April, I’ve spent the entire time in Cyprus.

Four in March and zero in April.

Best moments
Amsterdam in March which was wet and miserable but I still got to see a new place with my love.                                                                                                                                    An early Mother’s Day afternoon tea with my mum.
Cyprus from start to finish. Starting this new adventure with Ash, getting our own apartment and getting my own car.
Our first official day off which was a day I just loved.

Worst moments
My smear results came back with abnormal cells and having to go for further testing. I’ll save this story for an upcoming cervical screening awareness post coming in June.
A five hour airport delay, nights like that, I hate my job.

New bars
Rita’s, Belfast. Tucked away with the cutest decor and a selection of hard teas, Rita’s was a great discovery and the whip up some top notch cocktails

New cafes
Tea For Two, Paphos. They have three cute little cafes dotted around Paphos and while I’ve yet to try the huge slabs of cake, the milkshakes and sandwiches are delicious.

New experiences
Exploring three brand new places; Dublin, Amsterdam and Cyprus. Dublin, I didn’t connect to. Amsterdam, I liked but the weather was miserable. Cyprus, I love.
Staying in the first hotel I’ve stayed in to provide slippers and dressing gowns. I felt like the Queen.
Wandering through the Red Light District. Another world I feel incredibly uncomfortable about.                                                                                                    Segways. Scary but fun!                                                                                                Karaoke. I’ve done karaoke before but always with someone else and I’ve never volunteered to do it but I plucked up the courage and put my name down. It sounds silly to have a degree in Performing Arts and be scared of karaoke but when I perform, I’m someone else, karaoke is all me. I was quite proud of myself afterwards.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by. After marathon watching the tv series, I found the book in Carrickfergus train station and had to take it.

A hell of a lot of water along with Lipton’s Blueberry and Goji Green Tea.

An awful lot of halloumi and chocolate cornflake cakes.

Thirteen Reasons Why. After everyone raved about it, to start with I just didn’t get it. Typical high school drama, nothing particularly interesting about it but we powered through and the last few episodes I enjoyed. Shit ending though, wanted more to happen.
Geordie Shore. It’s back! Why-aye!

A lot of Greek food. I already liked pitta and halloumi, I enjoy lounka and saganaki, I’m not fond of vine leaves and a lot of the meatballs.

Having my own car. Last Summer, I had to car share which was an absolute ball ache. It’s so nice to have my own car and the ability to go where I want, when I want.
Our little apartment. I am so in love with living here. It’s our first place which is not a hotel room and I am so happy here.
Breakfast on the balcony. My new favourite thing.
Cyprus. I feel happy here.

Looking forward to
Ash’s 21st birthay early in May.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


3 thoughts on “MARCH AND APRIL

  1. thehelsproject says:

    I definitely didn’t think 13 Reasons Why lived up to the hype at all, I really wasn’t a fan… Yummmm re chocolate cornflake cakes! What are you and Ash up to for his birthday??


    • Steph @ Wanderlust Pulse says:

      It’s all been a bit of a nightmare. We were originally going to Ayia Napa for a 21st night out but then our manager decided to book us on two boat trips. We managed to get out of it because I told her I had already booked a hotel but the other two didn’t. It seemed pointless to have a big night out just the two of us when we’d prefer just a quiet drink so now I think we will go on the boat trip the evening before then on his birthday, spend time just the two of us at the beach and then go for an evening meal. I’ve tried booking hotels or a spa day close by but it is just so expensive!! Any suggestions of how to make it more special for him, I welcome xx


      • thehelsproject says:

        Ohhh thats so frustrating! I wish there was something I could do to help! A day together will be lovely though! is there anything through work you can get as a treat for him?


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