It feels as though I haven’t had a day off in weeks. The days are long here and life is consumed by work but on occassion, we do actually get a day off. To be fair, so far we haven’t actually had many actual days off. Since we were thrown straight into work, our initial excursion induction didn’t happen so now our days off are booked up with catching up on them. This is a bit shitty as everyone else gets paid to do the excursions whilst we’re wasting our only day of free time to do them but on the other hand, we can’t turn them down because we do actually want to do them. We just wish that we were getting an extra day off work to do it! So far, we have only had two actual days off and we only got the last one because the boat trip we were meant to go on was cancelled due to weather conditions. That first official day off though was beautiful!


One of my new favourite things to do is have breakfast on our balcony. For the past two years, the mornings of days off have been spent in bed nursing hangovers up until I moved into the hotel with Ash last Summer which was less hungover but we didn’t have a balcony to enjoy. I’m thoroughly taking the time to appreciate it now we have one and every morning we get a chance, we have breakfast on the balcony and so, our first official day off began this way.

One place we’ve heard a lot about, read a lot about and also mentioned to guests in our welcome meetings is Tomb Of The Kings. However, considering how much we knew about it, we had never actually been and at only 2.50€pp, there’s no reason not to visit. Tomb Of The Kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located right in the heart of Paphos. Unlike the name suggests, no Kings were actually buried there but the tombs are very big and grand, hence the name. We knew that it consisted of big underground caves and ruins but what I pictured in my head was something completely different to what we found.


To start with, the site is beautiful. The tombs sit right on the edge of the coast with glorious views of the sea and the quaintest flowers pop up from the Earth. When we went, it was a beautiful day with not many people around and we enjoyed strolling round whilst popping in and out of tombs. It is a little bit creepy when you think about it but interesting to think that people were buried here.


My favourite tomb was huge with grand pillars at the entrance. The ruins were really beautiful, especially with the sunlight piercing in between the pillars. Some of the tombs are beautiful whereas some are less to write home about and after a while all become a bit samey.


I expected to spend about half an hour there just to check it out but we were enjoying exploring and spent at least an hour and a half there.

Afterwards, we decided to drive further up the coast to try and find the Sea Caves. That’s the beauty about having a car this year, we can just hop in and go where we want when we feel like it. The Sea Caves were surprisingly easy to find, just a little further up from Coral Bay and we parked up at a restaurant with the same name before wandering along the cliffs to find the caves. To be honest, not all that impressive, just holes in the side of cliffs but with it being a gorgeous day, it was pretty to look at.


We decided to have lunch in the restaurant which was gorgeously located on the cliff edge. It would be a beautiful place to head back to one evening and watch the sunset with a few drinks. Ash ordered a burger whilst I opted for a Greek option of a halloumi and lounka pitta bread. Absolutely delicious and as we were away from the main tourist resort, very cheap!

It was a gorgeous day off where we finally got chance to go where we wanted, do what we wanted and spend a day just the two of us outside of work. I’m really happy with our visit to Tomb Of The Kings, I really enjoyed it there but I would recommend the Sea Caves restaurant over the Sea Caves themselves. I can’t wait for our next day off… whenever that may be…

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.



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