Riding a segway is something I’ve always been interested in, however I have this annoying little voice at the back of my mind who is a little shitty arse and tells me not to do it. My past two seasons on Spanish islands, it has been in my contract not to ride segways due to dangerous activity so I used this as an excuse to not go ahead with it. I even lived above a segway shop in Mallorca so it’s not like I’ve never had chance. However, here in Cyprus, we actually sell segway tours…

As you’re probably aware by now, in my job role, we are supposed to experience everything we sell in order for us to sell it better. This is a great advantage of my job as it allows me to do some really cool things and see some really great places whilst getting paid to do it. Here in Cyprus, we sell Paphos Segway Tour so obviously, at some point we had to experience it ourselves. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit scared but honestly not quite as nervous as I usually am about things. Getting on a horse was a lot scarier than jumping on a stick with two wheels. I managed to pick it up quickly and as soon as everyone had a practise, we were off.


It’s easy enough to pick up and when you’re on a straight, flat path, you feel fairly confident to whizz up and down. The worst part of it was hills. Heading up hill you have to lean forward enough to keep moving and not stop or roll backwards, I managed fine although someone else had a rolling back incident. Heading down hill you have to lean back far enough to slow down but not stop. All in all, it was a little bit scary to start off with but easy to get the hang of.


The segway tour is cool because you get to combine the sightseeing aspect with a unique way of seeing it. The tour took us along Paphos harbour with a brief information stop at Paphos Castle before heading a bit further down the coast to Paphos Lighthouse and having a break at a little beach bar. It was a well needed break as after only half an our on the segways, my feet were absolutely killing me. We then headed back the way we came until we were off the beaten track at a small ancient amphitheatre and St Paul’s Pillar. The tour itselt took about an hour and a half after we’d had our practise runs and it’s an incredibly fun and also informative tour. The guides make you feel comfortable and safe whilst giving a great guided tour. Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures due to trying concentrate on not falling off but the guides take pictures throughout the tour.

I’d recommend hopping on a segway, it’s not as scary as it may first seem. Doing a tour gives a slightly different take on a location and you can even be taken where other tours can’t take you. It’s definitely a funner way to sightsee!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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