Hello world and welcome to Cyprus! I’ve been here nearly three weeks already, how did that happen? Life has been so hectic since I arrived that I am so behind on everything. I’ve had no time to write, no time to tweet, the only thing I have managed to do is Instagram but even then, I manage to post but rarely have time for a feed scroll! I only managed to post my last two blogs as they were already written. Life has just ran away from me!

We arrived into Larnaca airport on Monday 20th March and were shipped off to Protaras for the first three nights. Let me say, the company outdid themselves! The last two years, I’ve been put up in shitty little self catering hotels but this was 5* glory with meals included. Constantinos the Great was our base and it was beautiful. We arrived to dressing gowns, slippers, fruit and wine in the room… a first for me, I’ve never stayed anywhere fancy before. We had a gorgeous sea view and an incredibly comfy bed. It was wonderful. The thing I was most happy about though was that Ash and I were together. Although we have a couples placement, I was worried that they’d seperate us.


The first night, I wasn’t very well and that continued into the following day so I didn’t really enjoy the jeep safari we went on. However, I was better by the evening and up for some team bonding at a local pub, the rest of the week I felt fine. The Wednesday was training in which we spent the day sat in a room getting up to speed on company updates and how systems on this island work. By the end of the day, we received our placement, Ash and I were heading to Paphos.

The following day, the ten of us were split in half, five staying in Larnaca and five heading to Paphos. I’m glad we got Paphos as I’m not about the Ayia Napa lifestyle any more, I can’t be arsed with it. Now I’m here and it is so beautiful too, I already feel happy and comfortable here.


I received a car my first afternoon in Paphos which I was a little nervous about due to not driving for over four months and not driving on the left since passing my test but I picked it back up well. I’ve got a little Kia Picanto that I feel quite comfortable in and I’m finding my way around well too. Last year I car shared which was a nightmare so it’s lovely to have my own car, having it available for my day off and being able to go where I want, when I want. I just hope I get to keep it to myself for the entire season. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Our apartment is lovely. Ash and I thankfully live together and I feel very happy there. We have a spare bedroom, an en-suite bathroom and a balcony with a view of the pool. I’ve never been put in a bad apartment thankfully, although I have seen a few but this apartment, you just can’t knock. Our colleagues just live round the corner so it’s nice that we have our own space but they are just a two minute walk away if we want to hang out.


Usually you have a week or two of excursions and training but not us, we were straight to work. My hotel package is in Coral Bay which is a cute little area and most of my hotels aren’t too problematic. It’s been weird adjusting to several hotels as the past two years, I’ve had one really busy hotel and at the moment, I have four. More hotels to learn and more welcome meetings are the reasons why I no longer have time to write.

Our little crew is nice, originally there were five of us but a newbie quit and now we are the fantastic four. We all get on really well though which is lovely, so far, so good! As always with rep life, there has been a little bit of drama but nothing major, nothing like previous seasons and we are thankful that we have absolutely nothing to do with it, we can just sit back and watch it unfold.

I was a bit unsure about this season but it all seems to have come together and I feel happy. I have my own car, a lovely apartment, in a beautiful location, nice people and I get to share it all with Ash. I’m quite content. Tenerife had my heart but Cyprus is something else, I could already see myself living here but who knows. For now, I’m very happy here and feeling positive about the season. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to share with you over the next seven months!!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions. This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.



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