With our flight to Amsterdam leaving from Dublin airport, we decided to head down a day early and have an extra night away with some time exploring the Irish city. Neither of us had ever been there before except for passing through so we thought it was a perfect opportunity for some exploring.

After a week of wet weather in Belfast, the sun was shining when we woke up on the morning of our trip, typical. Only two hours South though, how different could the weather be? Turns out, very different, the rain had made its way to Dublin. Of course. We checked into the ibis Hotel and decided to chill in the room for a little while waiting for the rain to pass. Cups of tea and an episode of Dexter later, it was still raining but we decided to brave it and headed out to jump on the tram into the centre.


When we hopped off the tram at Jervis, our first point of call was to find food. We headed over Ha’penny Bridge, wandered through Temple Bar until we found a Nando’s to stuff our faces. Once our stomaches were satisfied, it was now dark and we had a stroll down Grafton Street doing a spot of window shopping. We grabbed some doughnuts from Boston Donuts to munch on later that night which were delicious, the Oreo based doughnut being spot on. We headed back through Temple Bar to check out the scene but considering it is supposedly the tourist hub of Dublin, it was very quiet with not a lot going on. Maybe it was because it was a Monday night but I was definitely expecting more of a vibe. The lights were now shining from Ha’penny Bridge which made it look an awful lot prettier than it looked in daylight. Still cold and wet, we decided to call it a night, jump back on the tram and snuggle up in bed with our doughnuts. I would recommend  a visit to Butler’s Chocolate Cafe while you’re in Dublin, I had a delicious mint hot chocolate and scrummy rocky road plus they even threw in a complimentary chocolate of my choice.


Dublin and I just didn’t connect. I know I’m going to love a place as soon as I arrive and we just didn’t hit it off. It was a lovely night to be away together but I didn’t feel the buzz of Dublin. So many people love it and rave about it but I just didn’t get it. Nothing really set the city apart from any other city I’ve ever been to and the hotspots, in my opinion, weren’t that hot. Maybe it was the weather that made it less enjoyable than it should have been, maybe the spark wasn’t there because it was early in the week but I just didn’t love Dublin. I think I’ve been spoilt by London and all it has to offer. That city owns a part of my heart and very few cities can compare. I’m glad I went to Dublin but unfortunately, I wouldn’t hurry back as I don’t feel it has anything for me. I know I’m going to love a place as soon as I arrive and we just didn’t hit it off. Dublin and I just didn’t connect.

As I was writing this post, my boyfriend decided he wanted to write his own tale of Dublin so below you can find Ash’s story.

So today was the day, Dublin. Early hours Monday morning, me and Stephanie woke to start our journey to Southern Ireland (SOUTHERN IRELAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND ARE TWO SEPERATE COUNTRIES YES). It was around 6AM and my eyes freshly opened to the sound of pigeons and the morning sunlight was piercing through my blinds. Next to me Steph was softly snoring, I rolled over and gently awoke her, “Steph, today we go to Dublin!”.

Dublin is around a two hour drive up the A1. The easiest way for us to travel with our luggage is to quickly jump on a train from Carrickfergus to Belfast, then bus from Belfast to Dublin. I am not really a bus kind of man,  too much pushing and shoving and I cannot stand having to smell other people, however, Ed Sheeran’s new album helped the time fly past.

We arrived at Dublin for around 1pm, thankfully the hotel I had booked was only a short walk from the bus stop we got dropped off at. We walked over a highway bridge and down a little track, dodging trucks, lorries and cars! The hotel was nothing special, but it was a brand that we had stayed with before and what they offer for the price they charge can definitely not be complained about. BUT THEN DISASTER STRUCK, WE COULD NOT CHECK IN FOR ONE HOUR TWENTY MINUTES. To be fair I just sat in the reception eating my biscuits and drinking apple juice, but I really did need a shower.

The room was nice, double bed, large shower and tea making facilities. We quickly settled into our room, before showering then heading out into Dublin City Centre. To get to the centre we had to ride the tram (my third ever tram journey). The Irish tram was different, each station was both pronounced in English then Irish, and it also seemed the Irish police seem to ride the trams frequently also. The tram from Red Cow to Dublin City Centre took around twenty minutes.

Dublin City Centre was not really anything special to me, probably because I could visit anytime i like (only living a short distance away compared to Steph) and the heavens did decide to open as soon as I stepped foot outside the tram. But I trailed around as Steph wanted to visit a few places, such as the Ha’penny Bridge or the Temple Bar, but honestly my favourite moment was getting to chomp on my double chicken burger at Nandos! Due to not wanting to walk around soaked/partly nothing of interest left to see, we decided to head back to our hotel around eight. This was followed by us ordering another Dominos (I Just Can’t Resist), but when all said and done, I did not particulary enjoy Dublin, but as per it’s always about who I am with, not where.

Ashton Wood.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


6 thoughts on “AN EVENING IN DUBLIN

  1. 2014ritchie says:

    As someone who has never left the North American continent, I live vicariously through the blogs about awesome places to go visit. I love the picture with the bridge.


  2. Carola Knubben says:

    It’s a pity you didn’t connect with Dublin. On the other hand: there are so many more places to visit! I have never visited Dublin, so I’m not sure if I would like it. your pictures do look nice though.


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