Dear Santa,

As an adult, you’d probably expect me to write ‘it’s been a while’ but you know full well that to this day I still write you a letter every single year. Now I’m older, my list of wishes get shorter. Gone are the days when I’d sit down with the Argos catalogue and write down everything of possible interest. Gone are the days when I couldn’t wait to rip open my presents. These days, my list is short and I get more enjoyment from spending time with my family than the gifts I could receive so it’s not going to be one of those kind of letters.

Since your visit last Christmas Eve, this past year has been incredible. I had a lovely Christmas with my family and saw it what was to be an incredible year. This year, I’m getting ready for a Christmas with two families and an extra special one as it is my first Christmas with Ashley. It will be a different Christmas as I’m spending it in Northern Ireland but I’m sure it’ll be amazing all the same.

For Christmas this year, I wish that everyone has the most incredible day filled with love and laughter. I hope for happiness and only happiness, no disappointments, no disagreements, no sadness. I wish that everyone knows how much they mean to me and how grateful I am to have them in my life. This year my pennies are few and my gifts are small but if my family know they are loved, that’s the greatest gift of all. I hope this happiness extends into the New Year and beyond.

Although this year has been incredible for myself, for the world it has been not so great. There has been so much tragedy, so much sadness, so much heartache and it is painful, not only to those who have been directly affected but to the rest us who understand this the world we now live in. A world of destruction, terrorism and hurt. There is absolutely no need for it in this day and age. The world has come so far yet a handful of people are dragging it back. The world is an incredible and beautiful place but a small minority are making it corrupt and hideous. This year has been bad and I wish that the next will not face the same troubles. I know it’s a long shot Santa but is it too much to ask for world peace?

I also fear for the future. With Brexit and the Presidential Election, two of the biggest nations have a population of worried people. I just wish that, although both of the outcomes I disagree with, it all works out for the best.

This year, I just wish for a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow for my loved ones, a better tomorrow for others and a better tomorrow for the world.

Oh and a round the world trip, all expenses paid, if you please.

Merry Christmas, safe trip and send Mrs Claus my love.

All the best,

Steph x

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

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