Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Only two days to go and less than 24 hours before Santa sets off!

Often known as the Boxing Day Sales, the Winter sale is something everyone goes mad for. It’s the American equivalent of Black Friday with people queuing up outside Next for it’s ridiculous 5am opening time (those poor retails workers) and websites crashing left, right and centre. It’s not exactly in the festive spirit going at it over a perfume the day after probably receiving one as a gift. It doesn’t make an awful lot of sense having spent an arm and a leg on Christmas but still whacking your credit card out for pointless purchases. People are mad but if you are still fancying raiding the sales, I have a tip for you. A few years ago, a wise woman told me that majority of sales start online on Christmas Eve. No one knows because most places don’t advertise that their sale has started until Boxing Day and also, people are usually too busy to look for bargains on Christmas Eve.

Before this little discovery, I wasn’t a sales shopper myself. There was no way I was getting up at the crack of dawn the day after Christmas when I’ve got a ton of new items anyway and it’s another day to enjoy with family. The first year I found out about Christmas Eve though, I went a little mad. The job I was in at the time gave you December’s wages early so I had a new pay check, a keen eye and spent a fortune. Next Christmas was sorted and even a few treats in there for myself. My purchases have decreased over the years but I still like to have a look,  however this year, I’ve noticed them starting earlier with some ever popping up earlier on the 22nd! So to help you get a little ahead of the game, here are my top online sales that I suggest you check out.


Several clothes websites started their sales yesterday with up to 50% off, these include:

Boohoo, Missguided, River Island, H&M, Miss Selfridge,  Urban Outfitters and New Look footwear and accessories

The rest of the New Look sale is expected to start on Christmas Eve. At the moment, Boohoo’s website says sales ends at 12am tonight. This will not be the end of the sale however so I’m expecting either additional lines or further discount on Christmas Eve.

EasyJet have also released 400,000 flights with 20% off.


Christmas Eve is when they all kick in. Sometimes they’re a little hidden until Boxing Day, like Superdrug but they are there. The two best are Boots and Lush which both offer 50% off. No up to 50%, exactly 50%. Be quick with these two as they are incredibly popular. The Body Shop is also great for discounted favourties. Previous years I’ve got £13 body butter for just £5.

George @ Asda also have a great sale with the majority of products heavily discounted from clothes to homeware.

Amazon are always a little coy with their sale start dates and times but last Christmas Eve it all kicked off at 4pm with some of their best deals advertised on the website from the 21st.

If you’re looking for home appliances, furniture or technology, don’t miss Argos and Curry’s.

Topshop and ASOS will join the high street fashion sales tomorrow.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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