I love any event to do with Christmas and when people on my Instagram feed started visiting Kew Gardens, I thought I should investigate. I watch a YouTube video on the event and thought it looked brilliant. With us being in London in the middle of December, I thought why on Earth not and booked us two tickets?

The concept of Christmas at Kew is that the botanical gardens are transformed into a light spectacular with different light displays around every corner and a great festive vibe. The festive vibe starts at the entrance with two beautifully tall white Christmassy trees but after that. My favourite part was the fire gardens which had a beautiful arrangement of the first five days of the 12 Days Of Christmas surrounded by fire.


There were a lot of stalls selling mulled wine, hot chocolate and food including a great section towards the exit with gourmet marshmallows. I opted for raspberry and champagne although there were some other great flavours on offer and then got to toast it. This was probably the best part of the event for me.


The rest, to both myself and Ash was a bit lack-lustre. Yes, it was cute and beautiful but neither of us really stood the point and a lot of it had nothing to do with Christmas. You follow the illuminated trail around the gardens and the end of the trail finished in front of Palm House with a light show on the building and on the water. I know other people have been and enjoyed it but unfortunately, we did it. I don’t feel it was worth the 15 price tag as there was not a lot to it. They probably need to charge that much for the cost of the lights as sections are quite extravagant but we just couldn’t connect to the event.

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.



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