It’s just not Christmas in England until…

The Coca-Cola advert is on tv

Christmas music is played in the shops

The Christmas light’s are switched on in your town

Every food item receives a festive theme

The Christmas tree goes up

You visit a Christmas market

You’ve soaked in a festive Lush bath

You’ve got pissed off that you can’t find the end of the cellotape

Someone embarrasses themselves at your work Christmas party

Everyone suddenly thinks they’re posh drinking prosecco

You shout ‘he’s behind you’ at the local panto

The Christmas specials start on tv

Aled Jones pops up to sing yet another rendition of Walking In The Air

You’ve indulged in at least 70 hot chocolates

You need to start de-icing the car 3 weeks before you need to use it

The sprouts and mince pies debates start

You’ve watched Love Actually, The Holiday and Home Alone

You get a little obsessed about pigs in blankets

You purchase pointless novelty items

Babycham is on the shelves

Your news feed is littered with school play photos

Someone decides to be a Scrooge

You throw on the tacky Christmas jumper

All I Want For Christmas is the final song in any bar or club

The cracker hats are worn

You buy or receive a Lynx set

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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