One thing I love about having dogs is that there is always and excuse to go for walk. Not that you need an excuse of course but sometimes, especially in the Winter, you’d rather curl up on the sofa than head outdoors. Dogs give you the motivation to dig your feet into some shoes and venture out the door. I love taking my four-legged scallywag’s out for walks, breathing in the crisp air of Winter and taking in the scenery.

A lot of people don’t expect it as Middlesbrough is an industrial town but Teesside has an incredible amount of nature and nice littles walks to take. Walking is especially nice in Winter when the trees are frosty and the leaves are crisp. Winter walks blow the cobwebs away and refresh your spirit. If you get lucky at it decides to snow, the walk is even more beautiful and scenic.



Ormesby Hall Woods are nice for a walk round any time of year. Views of the majestic house, the beautiful gardens, the wonderful woods, the surrounding hills, the vast fields and even the sights of sheep or horses. With a layer of frost or snow, the area is incredibly charming. Over the Christmas period, Christmas trees are also sold behind the hall and even if you’re not considering purchasing one, it’s nice to breathe in the pine scent and get a festive feel.



Guisborough Forest is a popular place for dog walkers and bikers as the trail is long and interesting with different routes and plenty on offer. There are playgrounds and adventure hunts for children, picnic areas and incredible scenic views from the highest points. Again, at Christmas, the forest sells trees outside the visitors centre.



Animals, ponds, woods, fields, what more could you want from a park? Tie in a bit of history and a coffee shop then it’s the perfect place for a chilly walk and post-wandering hot chocolate. If you time it right, you might run into the Frost Fair at the start of December.



When you think of Winter, you don’t usually associate it with the beach but Saltburn is still a lovely place to venture to during the Winter months. The beautiful gardens take on a frosty layer giving them a stunning touch and once you’ve navigated your way through, you’ll find yourself at the beach. A walk along the pier will give you a cold but refreshing sea air before enjoying some fish and chips to warm up and a journey back up the cliffside on the tram.

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