So it’s that time of year when the season is over and I’m spending Winter back at home in the UK. After an emotional farewell, Ash and I said our goodbyes and hopped flights back to opposite ends of the UK. This first week back has been a nice relaxing one, I haven’t really done much or seen anyone but to be honest, it’s been great just to recharge the batteries. I’ve just needed a break and as much as I am looking forward to catching up with old friends, this week I just really needed a blank diary and a week with my family.

After my parents picked me up from the airport on Tuesday, I’ve spent most of my time with them except when they’ve been at work. My mum and I had a girly afternoon and popped into a new place called Songbird Bakery. The Bakery is located on Baker Street in Middlesbrough which is up and coming as the hippest place in town with a lot of cool, little independants opening up. The bakery is simple in design but super cute with delicious, homemade cupcakes. I opted for the chocolate crunch along with a hot chocolate which was delicious. My dad and I had a dog walking afternoon, driving to Gribdale Gate, a place we’ve never explored before. We had a lovely woodland walks surrounded by gorgeous, autumnal scenery. From here, you have great views across the valley, except the day we went, it was slightly misty with intense sunshine making visibility not the best. Captain Cook’s Monument sits on top of this hill as the famous explorer was born in Middlesbrough and represented a lot in the Teesside area. Gribdale Gate is also the site of a war time crash so there is also a memorial for that, coincidentally, we passed by it on Remembrance Day and found poppy tributes surrounding it. A lovely little walk in a new area to us.

Other than that, I’ve been catching up on sleep, tidying my room and sorting some stuff to sell and earn some pennies. I also met up with my friend Nat and we went for pie and cocktails at Sticky Fingers music bar in town. It’s great to see they’ve updated their menu since I was last in as there weren’t many options in the way of food and drink plus, it was a great afternoon catching up. I also went back to my drama group which got me back into dancing which I’ve missed and it was nice to see everyone.

I thought I’d have a car upon arriving home as my parents bought one early in the Summer but unfortunately, car insurance in beyond a joke and I can’t afford it. Might not be such a bad thing anyway as the car broke down when my dad came to pick me up from drama so there might not be a car to use anyway!!

The week has been just what I needed, relaxed week with my family recovering from a busy season. Now, I’m sat in the airport once again, waiting for my flight to Belfast to visit Ash. I’ll be meeting his family for the first time which is a little nerve wracking but excited to see him and explore Belfast!

All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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