And so concludes my second season living and working abroad. Once again, it’s been a rollercoaster providing me with the most incredible experiences and amazing memories. The last season completely changed me as a person which is what I needed, this season developed me as a person and has been more special to me that I could ever have imagined.

I got to explore and appreciate a beautiful island by exploring it’s entirety and enjoying it as a local. I had some incredible days off that will forever be savoured in the memory bank. There is a lot more to Tenerife than Las Americas with a lot of history and culture behind the island. The more I explored, the more I appreciated the island and the more it felt like home.

I expanded my knowledge of the Spanish language. I actually did Spanish for 2 years at school, however, I wasn’t great at it due to learning French at the same time which confused me. What I did learn, I didn’t remember and last season, I only picked up the extreme basics. This year, I understand a lot more and can speak a lot more. Even though I’m far from fluent and it would be incredibly difficult to have an actual conversation, I often understand what people are trying to say, often know what I’m reading and know quite a few phrases which I have just picked up from living there for 8 months.

I met some incredible people and made some great memories with people but also finally accepted that to be honest, a lot of people are full of shit and the people you can rely on can honestly be counted on one hand. It’s fair enough to spend some time with people and enjoy it but these people should not necessarily be classed as your friends because when you need them, they won’t be there for you and they can be quick enough to stab you in the back. As pessimistic as this sounds, it’s been great for me. I’ve always quickly counted people as my friends and trusted them with a lot which more often than not, hasn’t worked out for me. This has been the wake up call I needed and it’s been great that the second someone has turned their back, I’ve just been able to accept it and not be bothered by it.

I got to experience driving on the other side of the road. Having passed my test in February and not driving before moving abroad, this was the thing I was most terrified for but for the most part it’s been fine. I’ve got to experience driving abroad, on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road, with batshit crazy drivers and actually developed a confidence with it. Not many new drivers have that opportunity and I have been told on several occasions that if you can drive in Tenerife, you can drive anywhere which I feel is true and it has made me a much more confident driver.

The itchy feet have gone into overdrive and my desire to explore the world could not be more enhanced. Exploring this island has made me crave to explore the world and I am so excited for the opportunities that could come. This season has solidified my desire to travel and I couldn’t look forward to it any more.

However, the thing that tops it all is something that I never looked for and never expected to find or experience. This season I met the love of my life and it has been the most incredible four months I could ever have imagined. Not only is he the most amazing man who takes my breath away, we have got to share this amazing life and experience together. All of my best memories are with him and I can’t wait for the next chapter with him. He made my summer and without him being the main part of it, the season would not have been as special as it has been. He is the light of my life, constantly making me smile and ridiculously happy. He’s not just my partner, he’s my best friend and I am so grateful that he is in my life. Our story has been crazy but it has also been amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so in love with us and can’t wait to share my life with him.

So thank you season two, thank you for everything. Thank you for the memories, the moments, the sun, the smiles but above all, thank you for providing me with the most special person who I now get to continue to love, cherish and spend my life with.


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