When you’ve worked more than one season, you’ll start to see a pattern emerge in the types of people who take up this job role. The majority of your colleagues or your holiday reps while consist of a specific personality type. Of course, there are the odd few who fall outside of the net and you’ll find that they are the interesting ones but most reps will fall under one of these categories.


The type of person you would usually associate with Club 18-30 but a few end up working as a mainstream holiday rep instead. They’re the ones who once went on a girls holiday to Shagaluf and thought they’d have a crack at working abroad. They’re the first to volunteer to work any youth event, running bar crawls like a military operation even when they are hammered. They love the fact that they can get paid to get drunk. Most welcome meetings will be presented either still drunk or severely hung over. Commission comes and goes within the week being spent on Big Nights Out. Usually they get placed in destinations with large youth markets but occasionally, they’ll end up in a small family resort and feel lost at the distinct lack of nightclub, instead spending their evenings downing bottles of wine whilst trying to connect to the cafe next doors wifi.


The one’s who take the job far too seriously. For most, rep life is an experience or a stepping stone but there are some who want to climb the ladder and shout it from the rooftops. Every minor issue is blown up to a disaster and any opportunity to undermine someone will be taken. They are the know it alls who are quick to provide anyone and everyone with information, always the first to have an opinion. 


The one’s who only applied for the job to get away from something back at home. One night, they were sick of it and applied for any job that let them leave the country and this is the one they landed. They’re happy to tell anyone and everyone about their problems and even though they ran away to avoid the issue, they will spend the entire season thinking about, stewing over and talking about the issue.


The one’s who really just want to go off and see the world but don’t have the funds to do it. An easy way to experience life abroad and parts of the world is to get paid to do it in this job. They have a grand plan to escape rep life and travel the world once they’ve saved enough. The first to tour the island, check out all the hotspots and dedicate their Instagram to their day off adventures.


The one’s who you wonder ever made it past the interview. They struggle to deal with complaints, have a lack of basic common sense and a shocking welcome meeting. You wonder how they ever got into the company never mind stay with the company. There’s also another category of reps who get away with absolute murder day in and day out but if you step out of line once, it’s straight to the electric chair.


The one’s who have their hearts set on a specific destination and kick off if they don’t receive it. Usually they are in love with Turkey or Greece and only happy to go their. Any other destination in the world will not compare in their eyes. Within the year you’ll probably find them living there, shacked up with a local and working in the family restaurant.


The one’s who just need a space filler and talk about going home from day one. The majority quit throughout the season but the ones who make it through will never return. Consistent homesickness and unwillingness to learn any of the local language, try any local food or experience any of the local culture. They will make it more difficult for themselves by segregating themselves from the rest of the team resulting in them feeling left out and lonely wanting to head home even more.


The one’s who are only in the job for the D or the V. A new conquest every other night and so many notches that they need a new headboard. The day to day of rep life is something that they just have to do to pass the time until they can go out on an evening and pull. Fellow reps, locals, customers, holidaymakers, doesn’t matter who. They’re here for a good time and one thing only.
If you’re a rep, do any of these sound familiar? I guarantee they do!


All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.

This blog post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way.


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